Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Could not resist...Chanel No 5

You know when you see a picture of a beautiful room and something captures your eye. Last week I posted about a room with 3 Chanel pictures on the wall...instantly I was in love with this room (here)

Made by Girl had a Chanel No 5 print for sale and I just couldn't resist.

ps...lets ignore the fact that postage to Australia was almost as expensive as the print itself but I just had to have it...I also told Mr B that it was a gift for a friend but really its for me. Does anybody else do this with their husbands when you shop on line?

This is my latest project that I will probably be bombarding you for the next few weeks. I am holding a special goodbye dinner party for a special friend and the theme will be a Tiffany Inspired dinner table, kids table and drinks station. All my inspirational pictures are on my pinterest but really, the link above is just breathtakingly beautiful. This will be my inspiration.

Mrs B xxx

Thursday, July 26, 2012

White logs

Pinned Image

Since I have discovered Pinterest (long last I hear you say) I have been fixated on collecting particular styles and looks. I am now focused on Christmas images in July. I think this started when the other day, I was starting to think about our upcoming family trip to Disneyland and Las Vegas, fretting that I will miss a lot of the festive season back home in Melbourne.
Hang on, I am going to the most magical place in the world for Christmas so shouldn't there be Christmas decorations at Disneyland? I am now starting to get excited.
Since then, I have been looking at Christmas stuff, pages and pages and pages, pinning what I thought were images that I could recreate some of the ideas in my own home. I love the picture above and will be trying this look this year. So cute, whimsical and shouldn't cost a lot. We have a farm so all I need to do is to convince Mr B to chop a few logs up for me, paint them white using Kelly's (Jax does design) home made white chalk paint. Maybe, I will even paint a few logs like in the picture below.

Pinned Image

A group of painted white logs. So simple, so easy...I will be doing this for Christmas this year. Just curious, but do you like this white log idea? I can just imagine all the candles I can put on it and other little bling bit and pieces.

On another note (so many questions I have in this post) , has anybody been to Disneyland and Las Vegas in December? Are the Christmas decorations as good as I hope?

Mrs B xxx

Friday, July 20, 2012

What I am liking...tables and artwork

The above room is not from Designer's Guild but found via Decoratualma.

Designer Guild Source

Every time I come across a Designer Guild picture, filled with the most breathtaking interior shots possible, I always wonder what has happened to them in Australia? I remember Myers use to stock all the bedlinen from this company but now, I haven't seen it in shops for years. I did buy some beautiful sheets from the range (cost me a fortune) but I was very disappointed in the quality. I'm sure there are many stockists sell the exquisite wallpaper and fabrics but I think I will just sigh from afar and be content looking at pictures.
What I am liking above the first photo however is that gorgeous teacup artwork. My eyes just seem to be drawn to it every time.

Pinned Image

Nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous table laden with white flowers, candles and crystal. This picture just makes me want to sigh every time I look at it. So simple, slightly rustic but elegant all rolled into one. What is it about white flowers and crystal...truly the perfect combination.
On a side note, I have finally discovered pinterest with a passion. I still am not sure how it works so I hope I have given credit to the source. Anyhoo, I have tried my best so if I have used a photo without the correct source, please let me know (kindly).

table decorations2 18 Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas


Love, love, love this table setting. See that  steel bucket with the apples, well for my son's 18th birthday party, my friend lent me a beautiful champagne bucket to hold...well champagne bottles of course and it was the center piece of the whole drinks table. A stainless steel Champagne Bucket is a must for any party! Everything just seems to be so elegant yet casual on this table and I would think a very easy style to replicate.

table decor 18 Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas


Once again, mixture of candles, thick white tablecloth with darker accents, all make a beautiful table.


Belle Maison and Style at Home

This I have got to have...the Chanel Posters! I know this outrageously gorgeous picture has been making the 'blog house rounds' but I just love it!
Has anybody had any luck in finding these Chanel Posters on ebay?...apparently this is where the owner obtained them. Maybe I should ask my bloggy expert on all things to do with Chanel and makeup... Alexandria Emporium


Style at Home

Could you imagine being invited over for a 'bestie' (love this term, makes me feel 16 again) get together and walking into the room to this beautiful set table. Seriously, wouldn't you feel that you are being indulged and loved being entertained in a home like this.
 Picture of a Westie House of Turquoise

Last of all, that picture of a Westie makes my heart melt.
And that vase on the left side table just creates the most lovely visual.

On a side note...Have you noticed all my pictures are BIG! Still tweaking my blog, more work to do on trying to center my header picture...it just wants to stay lopsided.

Finally, I promise this blog will get better as I work through all my little problems so please come back and visit!

 Mrs B xxx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Most posts viewed today...Romania!

The Loft House- Brasov, Romania Source
(please click on pictures to enlarge)

So back to my post about statistics. Today, I checked where most of my readers have come from (last 24 hours) and Romania is officially Number 1....even ahead of Australia. So, after countless hours, I have been searching the internet for Romanian Interior Design...not sure where this was leading but the sites I wandered onto displayed the most stunning modern architecture throughout the world. I have just selected one example of modern architecture in Romania...

 Each floor is made of glass source
To be honest, I am totally thrilled to have a small (but growing band) of visitors from this country, coming over to read my blog. It may not be a big deal for many, but the thought of people from a country so far away...to come and visit briefly really inspires me to keep blogging.

The light in this picture is stunning. Visually the interior is stunning but could I live in a house with a glass floor throughout?  I also wonder about the acoustics in such a property like this. How loud would my 3 screaming boys be in a home like this...and all the running up and down glass stairs!



You would think it would be fairly standard inside by the design of the front facade...

Glass Floor source

Ok...love the concept, but what happens if you are wearing a dress and you have visitors below?
I will leave you with that thought.

Mrs B xxx

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just curious...looking at Statistics

A view from my kitchen window

Since I haven't been blogging for a while, I have been catching up on all the bells and whistles of this new blog format has. I look at my statistics and find reading, interpreting them very interesting to say the least. I know what topic has the highest hits and surprisingly, the blog where most people come from to read my blog.( A BIG thank you for the owner of that blog who has me on her blogroll!)
But, the biggest surprise was where in the world people came to read my blog...1st Australia (of course) 2nd USA thanks guys! but 3rd.....now this had a very high percentage of readers and I really don't know why but its....


Wonderful of course that readers have found me from this country but I am wondering what post has attracted them to this blog through google searchers?

Has anybody else looked at their statistics and found some surprising results...I would love to know!

Mrs B xxx

Friday, July 13, 2012

Who knows what a blog is? Question to ask friends!

Yesterday, I had two totally different experiences with friends and blogging. My friends 'kind of know' I have a house type of blog but really I don't think they have any idea what I am talking about. No problem at all! I tend to just casually mention the world of blogging and I can see eyes glazing over and their mind thinking along the lines whatever floats her boat.
This is perfectly fine and I love my friends dearly, it doesn't matter that they don't read my blog...really why should they. Getting back to my day yesterday, I spent a few hours in the morning with a lovely group  of women I had met  a few years ago. I casually mentioned if they knew anything about blogging and none had, it just is not in their circle of interest at this point of their lives. I had to stop myself from gushing about how wonderful it is because that is being a bore. I gave one of my friends the name of my blog so I hope she makes it over here ( waving)
Feeling the need to delve even further, most of my friends have never heard of Etsy. I try to describe what it is but I don't do a very good job of it. Most of my friends are just not into online blogging, shopping and networking. But what I am finding hard to really understand is that a large majority of people are heavily into Facebook...I tried (and have tried and tried) to see the appeal of facebook. I go on to mine that I reluctantly set up and all I can see is updates of what games so and so has been on, political propaganda from other countries or what football team is doing next week.
Am I missing something? Why do I need to know this....if I wanted to talk to a friend, wouldn't I ring or email? Maybe I am just a fuddy duddy and it is this exact reason I am persisting with facebook and desperately trying to find some sort of appeal. As I get older, I think its really important I don't get left behind with social media. I have even joined pin interest which I find very useful (well I think?)

Now it comes to my afternoon. I met a wonderful blogger friend for coffee (to be honest we were both 'coffeed out' ,exhausted, so just had coke and orange juice) and talked and talked and talked for about 2 and a half hours. If it wasn't for my blog, I would never have met this entertaining and talented lady. I left feeling lifted and inspired, to keep blogging, the endless possibilities that are just around the corner. So here I am, blogging away to a few kind people who still come here to read but happy...and I hope one day, a few of my friends my stumble by and say high to me.

And what of the photos...just things I am liking at the moment...especially that Jimmy Martin Wallpaper

Mrs B xxx

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Purchase

How quick was that! I ordered my new orange ceramic stool 2 days ago and here it is. Not sure about where its new home will be but at the moment I like it here, next to my white chair and cushion I bought from Etsy.

Isn't this picture just gorgeous from Ada and Darcy. I love the way they have matched it with so many vibrant colours. When I started this blog, I had no idea how difficult I would find it to  co-ordinate every single element in a room in order to look the way I had always imagined. Always  I in awe of talented, creative designers who appear to throw colours together to create stunning interiors.
I am sitting here writing this piece, very frustrated as to what direction I should go. I know the style I like, the colours, fabrics but its like I have writers block...how do I put it together? Stay tune for my next post.

Mrs B xxx

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Picture-A beautiful tree cushion from The Works

My current fixation at the moment is the colour chartreuse.Not so long ago I bought a scarf this colour and the number of comments I have received about the colour began to make me think... In every colour palette, room, design I see a glimpse of this colour and I love it. It really does go with everything but I prefer it just as an accent colour. The following few photos I took as I was browsing in that fantastic homeware store The Works (Hawthorn) Surprisingly they don't seem to have a web page so sorry I have no links at this stage.

Same cushion but the back view...the stylists have matched the colour with blues and reds.

A hint of chartreuse again, this time mixed with my favourite colour combinations...

This time with blues...

I really liked the pop of orange in this combination. As I am now waiting for my orange ceramic stool, this colour combination caught my eye.

This bedroom just makes me sigh with pleasure...not sure if I would be brave enough to paint the whole wall this colour. The fabric on the bedhead is STUNNING
(I have lost the link to this picture but i will find it shortly)

Inspiration for this post from from a beautiful blog called A Gift Wrapped Life. Sande does the most exquisite and gorgeous wrappings I have ever seen. Very inspirational as her colour combinations are unique and beautiful. I like the way she has matched pink, black and white and chartreuse together.

Mrs B xxx

Orange ceramic stool

 Orange Ceramic Stool from Ada and Darcy

I have just bought this gorgeous stool from Ada and Darcy. I really need to inject colour into my interior so what better way than the colour orange. I am leaning towards placing it upstairs next to my green couch, mixing yellow and blue cushions. Then again, I think it may look really funky downstairs...

This photo is a reminder of what upstairs looked like a few months ago...some of the cushions have gone and slowly I am introducing yellows, blues and greens. The ottoman has to stay, so not sure how I will work around this (scratching my head about this one)

Against the wall at the back of the green couch, we have a side table that was given as a freebie by a friend. At the moment I have covered it with a beautiful linen cloth as its not really a style that suits the house.The tablescape is not exactly how I had planned but I can only work with what 'lack of talent I have' when it comes to placing objects together. I still have a lot to learn hehe
Anyhoo, I am very excited about my orange ceramic stool and I cant wait to have it in my home!
Mrs B xxx

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Morning time at my house. The sun streams in as we face a northerly east direction (I think that's right?) curtains go up then promptly they go down again due to the glare from the sun. As you can see from the photo below, we get the morning sun but sometimes it is too bright although it gives the house warmth immediately. Hard to believe but this is Melbourne in winter time. Even though the weather forecast is rain and hail, it is still warm enough to open the doors and let the fresh air waffle in. The flowers are from Mr B this morning...no special occasion, just because he knows I love flowers in the house when we have guests over. Tonight I have 2 friends and their families for tea OMG...my hostessing skills definitely need to be polished as I kind off freak out when I entertain. With 6 adults and 6 kids to feed tonight, I will be having a busy day cleaning the house to make it shine.

A few little tablescapes I have happening on benches and tables, forever moving pretties around, finding the right home for them. The picture of the girl above was given to me for my birthday from a dear friend. Below is just a small collection of some of the perfumes I have. The pretty watch I bought from a stall at Matilda's Market for around $30. I have received so many nice comments about my 'bling' that I feel special every time I wear it.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Mrs B xxx


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