Thursday, July 26, 2012

White logs

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Since I have discovered Pinterest (long last I hear you say) I have been fixated on collecting particular styles and looks. I am now focused on Christmas images in July. I think this started when the other day, I was starting to think about our upcoming family trip to Disneyland and Las Vegas, fretting that I will miss a lot of the festive season back home in Melbourne.
Hang on, I am going to the most magical place in the world for Christmas so shouldn't there be Christmas decorations at Disneyland? I am now starting to get excited.
Since then, I have been looking at Christmas stuff, pages and pages and pages, pinning what I thought were images that I could recreate some of the ideas in my own home. I love the picture above and will be trying this look this year. So cute, whimsical and shouldn't cost a lot. We have a farm so all I need to do is to convince Mr B to chop a few logs up for me, paint them white using Kelly's (Jax does design) home made white chalk paint. Maybe, I will even paint a few logs like in the picture below.

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A group of painted white logs. So simple, so easy...I will be doing this for Christmas this year. Just curious, but do you like this white log idea? I can just imagine all the candles I can put on it and other little bling bit and pieces.

On another note (so many questions I have in this post) , has anybody been to Disneyland and Las Vegas in December? Are the Christmas decorations as good as I hope?

Mrs B xxx


Heartfire At Home said...

I really like the white log idea. I especially love those ones in the lower pic with the white tops and the more natural looking sides, but I think the top one is great too! Placing candles in little glass containers etc on top of those would be wonderful. I've never been out of Australia so I'm not much help about the Disneyland and Las Vegas!

Aleshia Bonilla said...

I love white, it makes the space look so much bigger! We are just now getting a lot of downtown Austin apartments, that are tiny :-). Thanks for the suggestion!

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Thanks for the shout-out :-)

I LOVE the logs with the tops painted white. They'd look great with candles and some bling - very sparkly and festive :-)

I've been to Disney World and Vegas, but not at Christmas. Considering how bright & flashy they are at other times of the year, I would imagine they go all-out with the lights & decorations for Christmas :-) I don't think you need to worry about not feeling festive!

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Oh, forgot to mention - a bathroom from this season's Sarah 101 is the inspiration for my bathroom makeover. I'm not copying it, but using lots of ideas from it. The floor tiles will be the same, but everything else will be different. And I think I've pretty much decided on which tiles I'll be using. I'll post pics on my blog soon :-)

Calvin said...

I absolutely love the white log idea. You have my full support on that. It’s less expensive and it can also boost your creativity. You can do different sorts of things to the log. You can even put your own twist to it. Those logs really look cool on a house and I know it will look cool on your house too. Ooh, I cannot wait for Christmas to come. :D

Calvin Mordarski


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