Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disneyland Accommodation

Master bedroom with custom made bedhead.

We are going to Disneyland! How excited I am when I read those words. I do say, if I lived in California, I would be one of those Disney maniacs who have the yearly passes and stalk any forum to do with Disney (to be truthful, I already do spend hours on Disney forums as you have to know what you are doing to get the most out of Disneyland and California Park)
Anyway, I booked my accommodation a few weeks ago at this beautiful Villa opposite Disneyland. Last time we went we stayed at the Candy Cane Inn which was wonderful but now my boys are older, bigger and need their privacy a bit more. Since we have a family of 5, most rooms are too small and some hotels will make you book 2 rooms so double the price.

 ully appointed Kitchen...look at that farmers ppointed
Fully appointed kitchen...I love the farmers sink and tapware!
So I went on tripadvisor (as I always do when it comes to travel) and found this house for rent just across from Disney near the downtown area. I couldn't believe how nice the rooms were decorated as I scrolled through all the pictures. The owner has a flair for decorating so I knew this was the place for us. All reviews were highly complimentary so I felt fairly confident this was a safe and lovely place for my family to stay.

The owner is wonderful to deal with and I think we have both worked out the best time to communicate by email is 10pm at night (Melbourne time). Every room is so thoughtfully decorated in a fun Disney way but not at all tacky like I have seen in some hotel accommodation. Even the little deer heads on the wall in the photo above made me want to stay this place.

How gorgeous is this themed bathroom! The black and white wallpaper and the witch in the mirror...how utterly cute! I also will mention that the whole interior has been newly renovated so hopefully no tired furniture, torn sofas, old bathrooms we will have to put up with. 

This is the kids bathroom. My little fella is going to go wild when he sees this and his bedroom. I really love the toilet seat as it is totally appropriate for Disney rooms.

The attention to detail is incredible. The black and white tiles are not your standard white brick tiles you see in hotel rooms...even the shower curtain is gorgeous in the bathroom.

Finally, the boys room! Ok, maybe not exactly the style a 14 and 18 year old would want but this is world of Disney and the' magic' begins in the accommodation (I think I have been reading too many Disney threads) At least my little boy will be over the moon. Everything is so colourful right down to the striped wallpaper and curtains. Other guests have commented about all the little extras they make the stay so wonderful like the fully equipped kitchen, washroom, welcome packages...anything you could need for a family stay. I am really excited about Disneyland and this will be my 3rd visit. So off I go researching about rides, food, shows and of course Cars World. We are still trying to work out who can run the fastest to get that Cars ride fastpass!
I also want to add that I have permission from the owner to post pictures of her stunning Villa.
100 year old tree on my farm
On a different note, I am sure most of you have already read A-M's blog and the problems she has had with being bullied. Her bullies have tried to ruin her in every way possible. It is absolutely frightening to think how far these people have gone to try and shut her down. I have never met someone so full of life, happy, courageous and as inspirational as A-M. My heart goes out to A-M and her beautiful family...I only hope it stops soon so she can just simply be free to live her life.
Mrs B xxx


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