Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Morning time at my house. The sun streams in as we face a northerly east direction (I think that's right?) curtains go up then promptly they go down again due to the glare from the sun. As you can see from the photo below, we get the morning sun but sometimes it is too bright although it gives the house warmth immediately. Hard to believe but this is Melbourne in winter time. Even though the weather forecast is rain and hail, it is still warm enough to open the doors and let the fresh air waffle in. The flowers are from Mr B this morning...no special occasion, just because he knows I love flowers in the house when we have guests over. Tonight I have 2 friends and their families for tea OMG...my hostessing skills definitely need to be polished as I kind off freak out when I entertain. With 6 adults and 6 kids to feed tonight, I will be having a busy day cleaning the house to make it shine.

A few little tablescapes I have happening on benches and tables, forever moving pretties around, finding the right home for them. The picture of the girl above was given to me for my birthday from a dear friend. Below is just a small collection of some of the perfumes I have. The pretty watch I bought from a stall at Matilda's Market for around $30. I have received so many nice comments about my 'bling' that I feel special every time I wear it.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Mrs B xxx

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