Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orange ceramic stool

 Orange Ceramic Stool from Ada and Darcy

I have just bought this gorgeous stool from Ada and Darcy. I really need to inject colour into my interior so what better way than the colour orange. I am leaning towards placing it upstairs next to my green couch, mixing yellow and blue cushions. Then again, I think it may look really funky downstairs...

This photo is a reminder of what upstairs looked like a few months ago...some of the cushions have gone and slowly I am introducing yellows, blues and greens. The ottoman has to stay, so not sure how I will work around this (scratching my head about this one)

Against the wall at the back of the green couch, we have a side table that was given as a freebie by a friend. At the moment I have covered it with a beautiful linen cloth as its not really a style that suits the house.The tablescape is not exactly how I had planned but I can only work with what 'lack of talent I have' when it comes to placing objects together. I still have a lot to learn hehe
Anyhoo, I am very excited about my orange ceramic stool and I cant wait to have it in my home!
Mrs B xxx


M said...

Love the stool, Mrs B!

Have you thought about recovering the ottoman yourself?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs B, I love the orange stool. I saw one exactly like this yesterday in a display homeI was look except the stool was creme. I think the orange one looks better though. It's really interesting and not the sort of thing that would date. Mx

Tania Maree said...

I love the ceramic ottoman.
I think if you had a staple gun or even some upholstery tacks you could probably recover the ottoman......
Tania xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Girls
Thankyou for your wonderful comments...sometimes you feel quite lonely on your blog, wondering if anybody is reading and it dosent help that I stop posting for months!
The ottoman...yes it has to go! Beautiful when I bought it but dosent suit the room now. I am the most uncrafty person you could meet so it will be going downstairs ino the theatre room when the time comes. However, Mr B is very handy so maybe he can cover the one downstairs...ohhhh the possibilities!
Mrs B xxx


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