Saturday, June 30, 2012

Etsy favourites

Birches by  kristend12

Here are some of my favourite (amongst many I may add) etsy shops I am liking at the moment. I did a double take when I saw this beautiful painitng of birch trees. We have 3 birch trees in our front garden and they are indeed the most beautiful trees to plant together. Of course there is a small problem of shipping to Australia (SIGH!) 

Orange Birches by  kristend12

Another picture but in orange...I think I am still liking the blues though

Another little cute etsy shop! All handmade letters covered in the most gorgeous paper. I really love the action hero cartoon letter as cute would that be for my little 5 year old. 

Travel letters are also very 'in' at the moment. How cool to have the word TRAVEL spelt out for a teenagers room.

Now this I love. Imagine just a few select pictures of your family presented in such a unique way...I like how the wood is nice and thick so you can just prop up your picture on any bench or table.

Finally, a stunning little etsy shop that I look at all the time. I just love the picture of the butterflies flying away and the fact it can be propped on any surface in your home.

Seriously, is there anything cutier than this little Scottie? It is just gorgeous...I would love to give my friends a gift like this for their birthday or maybe I should buy it just for me?

Mrs B xxx

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cupcakes, flowers and pretty things

At the moment, I am fascinated with pictures of cupcakes and party tables filled with flowers and cakes. It is becoming quite a trend of setting a party table filled with glassware of lollies and cakestands with home made cakes piled on top. The other night, I made Mr B detour on the way home to go past this shop I had  noticed the other day. It was a beautiful party shop, filled with glass trinklets, jars, lamps, chandeliers and birdcages...all props for a party. I stood outside in the freezing cold, gazing at all the beautiful tables they had set up on display. Now I'm thinking I can do this myself as I has a lot of those items at home. So I am thinking to myself, every time I have friends over, I will practise my table decorating on them.
All these pictures are from parties I have attended and the little details that made the tables so beautiful. The flowers are from my great niece's christening (gee that makes me feel old) my son's 18th birthday (cake was made by my bestie) and my nieces's baby shower.

Mrs B xxx

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hall Art Work

Mrs B 's Hall Way

I love my passage way. It is wide, spacious and a sense of welcome when you walk into the house. We have a bulk head that runs down the center. This art work is new and made by Mr B...gotta love arty people in the family who can make things like frames! if you haven't already guessed, the material is from IKEA and total cost $4.95. Mr B already had wood to make the frame so all he had to do was to add backing and stretch the fabric over it. It is massive and makes me smile every time I walk by. If we need to change it, very easy to buy some more fabric and instant artwork on your wall. This is just so effective and covers big, wide walls that are hard to fill.
Gees it feels good blogging again. Please come back and visit, so many updates to fill you in on.

Mrs B xxx

where have I been?

I think that must be a record for the longest 'I haven't been on my blog to check anything' in blog history. Yes, it has been almost 10 months since I have been here...must delete those spam messages quickly. I am still here, love my house, love reading all the wonderful blogs out there but neglected my own. It needs a massive over haul so might have to get Katrina to designed me a brand new one. Back soon today if you are reading as I am typing this on my iPad but need a computer to upload pictures. Mrs B xx


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