Friday, April 2, 2010

Post year today

It is exactly a year since we moved in. I am feeling rather sentimental about reaching this milestone as the house took over my life for at least the last 3 years. I still feel very proud of what we did and the hours and hours of endless research and planning that went into designing and building the house has definitely been worth it. There would be nothing more depressing if we built and wanted to move a year later. This seems to happen all the time and we have watched so many beautiful homes in the estate with a for sale sign within months of the new owners moving in. Why do people go through all the pain of building just to sell it? Money/profit or is it something else? Anyhoo...thought I would shoe a few exterior shots today as this is our house first birthday.

backyard view

front of house

back view

View from our balcony

Next post will be my 100th post for my blog. Another huge milestone! I will be writing about what I have learnt about blogging...I know this topic has been done so many times but I haven't done a post on it. Hope you come back to share with me my 100th post.

ps...You may have noticed I have been experimenting with different 'subtle' looks for my blog. Still working out what suits my personality the most.
Happy Easter to everybody!
Mrs B


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