Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lighting Bling!

The two lights above the kitchen bench need to be changed into something BLING!

When we first built (it has been over 2 years now, there were a few decorating decisions that just had to wait. The ceiling lights above the bench was one of them. i just couldn't focus on what lights we wanted so the decision got postponed until now. I want something that is unique, something that is the WOW factor...a bit of bling. It doesn't matter if it's modern or older style, as long as 'it works' overall.

I love this french light with a passion but would it work in a kitchen? I don't think the dimensions are big enough for my space but I can still sigh and look!

Bell Chain Pendant...Cape Cod Designs

Maybe something more like this? Modern style lighting is not working for me at the moment. Any comments about the lights above my kitchen bench will be greatly appreciated. Mrs B xxo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Teenage Boys Room...grrr

The latest picture of one of my son's bedroom (yes I know, the never ending saga) Believe me I have tried and tried and tried to make it look as nice as possibly...sigh. The problem is, no matter how much $$$$$'s is spent in this room in regards to decoration, nothing can compete with what is on the opposite side of the room, the wall you cant see. Think BOY heaven! Every possible gadget and game consol a teenage boy could ever wish for. So here it is with Collingwood football pictures stuck on the walls for extra effect. Please tell me that everybody else has problems decorating for older teenage boys....or is it just me LOL

Now this is better! Great cushion, trendy light , perfect for my son's room. I really like this shop from etsy and they some fabulous cushions all unique and hand crafted.

On another note, I cannot wait for The Block tonight for the bathroom reveals! All I can say is


Mrs B xxo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Design Ties... Kelly, where are you?

As some may have noticed, I have started to blog again and catching up with all my dear friends who I have neglected over the last several months. I am trying to find a favourite blog of mine called Design Ties ...a Canadian blog with Kelly and Victoria but I think the girls have moved blog address and maybe Kelly started a new blog on her own.
If anybody knows where Kelly is and her new blog, I would be very grateful. I have tried to find a link on the old site but to no avail.

Guess whose house this is...

On another note, who has been watching The Block? I know many of us are and sending all our blog love and support to Katrina and Amie. It has been a gruelling couple of days for the girls as the TV show continues to unwind one drama to another. There are moments I just wanted to turn off the TV as it was just too hard to watch. The girls came through in the end and hopefully, they will deliver a stunning bathroom on reveal day to the judges. What I didn't expect however was the unjust criticism and the most malicious comments not only directed towards the girls but other contestants on Facebook.

Katrina and Amie's house before renovations... Picture from Katrina

Katrina and Amie are wonderful to watch, entertaining and holding their heads high! They are finding out it's a 'mans world' in the building game but here they are, two woman building, cementing and painting without any experience or knowledge before they entered The Block. Well, I am proud of you and cheering you on every step of the way!

Mrs B

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decorating a green couch!

Cushion colour combination from The Works

Today I went to a shop that is totally amazing and well known to many Melbourians! Of course it is The Works in Hawthorn. I spent a good 2 hours just pottering, touching and rearranging displays like the one above, working out my colour scheme and the look I am after for my home. I bought the gorgeous grey/blue flower cushion in the picture but desperately wanted to buy the yellow and blue geometric cushions as well. This will be my new colour scheme for upstairs. I have this fantastic green couch that needs equally colour that will make the whole room 'sing'.

My green couch upstairs

Sadly, at the moment, my new purchase is hidden in the car as Mr B said 'you don't need any more cushions' Little does he know I will need many new cushions haha! Just waiting for the right time to casually flung it on the lounge as if it has been there always.

Mrs B xx

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interview with Katrina... The Block 2011

Week 1... Amie and Katrina Guest Bedroom

I have been a fan of The Block since the very first episode was shown almost 9 years ago. katrina has very generously allowed me to ask a few questions about her experience so far on The Block.

1. When you found out you were going to be on the Block, how much design preparation did you do? Did you have all your paint schemes in order, tradies to ring, pictures of furniture, shops etc

Katrina We didn’t have a great deal organized. There was no time. We won the eliminationchallenge and had 3 days to return home and pack. With 3 kids, the last thing on my mind was the design! We had some friends give us phone numbers of tradies, but it was really hard to ring them and ask them to drop all of their jobs and come and help us for 8 weeks. It wasn’t easy and the tradies we thought we would use didn’t end up as our final tradies!

2. Did you change your mind in how you were going to decorate once you found out they were Victorian Cottages?

Katrina No, not really… I didn’t decorate necessarily for the style of the house from the front. I decorated for the potential buyer. Who was buying the house and what age/demographic/style are they?

3. During filming, did you look at other properties in Richmond/Melbourne to work out the best layout and function of a terrace home?

Katrina We did have a scout around. But as you saw in last week’s show we were given a floor plan of the home and we had to stick to this plan. These were the council approved plans. This made life so much easier!

Amie and Katrina

4. In the first week of moving in, what was your single biggest challenge that you and Amie had to face? And what was the single biggest highlight of the first week?

Katrina The first night in the house was a massive challenge. Just finding somewhere to sleep was difficult! It was freezing and the toilets were outside! Argh!! The biggest highlight was finishing 1 room! This meant that I realized the house was ‘doable’. It really could be renovated!

5. In regards to Room 1 (which was just beautiful by the way) how did you feel about the judge’s comments? Did you take their suggestions on board for Room 2? Did you decorate to what they would like?

Katrina We only ever heard 2 sentences of comments from the judges when we were at Scotty’s Workshop. We never spoke to the judges so their feedback was limited. We did listen, but it didn’t mean we always agreed with them!

Best of luck girls for Week 2! I think your office idea is fabulous...lets hope the judges do as well. A big thankyou to Katrina in taking the time to answer my questions.

Mrs B xxo

Saturday, July 9, 2011

To Market!

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Every now and then, there are moments in your life that may either inspire, motivate or just give you immense pleasure...this morning was one of them. Today I went to the Boutique Market at Hawthorn Town Hall. I was actually between two minds as to should I go, but I really wanted to meet a blogger friend of mine who I have followed her build and life every step of the way for the last 3 years...A-M ( The House that A-M built) I casually mentioned on her blog that I will be there and so I thought to myself I will just say a quick hello, introduce myself then go for a wander around the stalls. Little did I know, A-M had actually told the girls at the entrance to keep a look out for me so as soon as I came in, I was introduced to the person who singularly inspired me to blog about my own house build. To try and describe how gorgeous A-M is in every possible way would do her a great injustice. I have never met such a lively, warm, vivacious and generous lady as I met today. We chatted for at least 30 mins and to say I both think we didn't take a breath between all our topics would be an understatement! We spoke about our blogs, staircases, other bloggers, our boys and of the course The Block!!!

A-M introduced me to some other stall owners whose blogs I also read. I met the girls from Mondocherry and their shop is simply divine. In the picture above is actually a material picture, stitched and beaded all by hand that I bought from their shop. They also have these stunning butterfly pictures, all hand sewn. I only wish I had more time to linger, touch and feel everything!

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I also bought this lovely yellow print from Sweet William. I told the girls I was chatting to that 'Yellow was in" and although I bought it more for my boys area, it just looks perfect next to my green bedroom cushions that I bought from Etsy. I can feel my style coming through slowly...its taking a while but well worth the wait. Sweet William have also these gorgeous prints that you will not find in shops. Once again, I could have bought so many pictures but you have got to frame them all!

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At the Boutique Market, I caught up with my other special blogger friend Stormy from Stormy's Castle. She is also a very talented creative girl and creates the most amazing artwork (you can see on her blog) It was just one of the mornings that was very inspiring and I feel the decorating bug is coming back after a year of not really doing anything.
On a final note, The Block was also a topic of conversation and we are all cheering on Katrina and Amie! These two girls are amazing and I know their house will be stunning at the end...Go Girls!

Mrs B xxxooo


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