Monday, July 9, 2012

New Purchase

How quick was that! I ordered my new orange ceramic stool 2 days ago and here it is. Not sure about where its new home will be but at the moment I like it here, next to my white chair and cushion I bought from Etsy.

Isn't this picture just gorgeous from Ada and Darcy. I love the way they have matched it with so many vibrant colours. When I started this blog, I had no idea how difficult I would find it to  co-ordinate every single element in a room in order to look the way I had always imagined. Always  I in awe of talented, creative designers who appear to throw colours together to create stunning interiors.
I am sitting here writing this piece, very frustrated as to what direction I should go. I know the style I like, the colours, fabrics but its like I have writers do I put it together? Stay tune for my next post.

Mrs B xxx


Tania Maree said...

I really love how you've put it with that cushion and the white chair. It looks amazing and fresh.
You need an Orange JuJu Hat......
Tania xx

Trish said...

It looks fantastic, so fresh & inviting...LOve it!!!

kirstyb said...

that pillow is gorgeous

Heartfire At Home said...

I LOVE those stools, and have been thinking of getting an orange or yellow one for some time. Yours looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I think I want one.... Mxx

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

I have that exact same orange ceramic stool :-) It's outside on the back patio in the summer, and I put it up in the loft in the winter.

I'm a decorator and I often have trouble making my visions come to life. Well, my visions for my own house - creating visions for clients is way easier, for some reason :-)

I'd day the key to creating the room that you want is to put only things that you love into it :-)


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