Friday, July 13, 2012

Who knows what a blog is? Question to ask friends!

Yesterday, I had two totally different experiences with friends and blogging. My friends 'kind of know' I have a house type of blog but really I don't think they have any idea what I am talking about. No problem at all! I tend to just casually mention the world of blogging and I can see eyes glazing over and their mind thinking along the lines whatever floats her boat.
This is perfectly fine and I love my friends dearly, it doesn't matter that they don't read my blog...really why should they. Getting back to my day yesterday, I spent a few hours in the morning with a lovely group  of women I had met  a few years ago. I casually mentioned if they knew anything about blogging and none had, it just is not in their circle of interest at this point of their lives. I had to stop myself from gushing about how wonderful it is because that is being a bore. I gave one of my friends the name of my blog so I hope she makes it over here ( waving)
Feeling the need to delve even further, most of my friends have never heard of Etsy. I try to describe what it is but I don't do a very good job of it. Most of my friends are just not into online blogging, shopping and networking. But what I am finding hard to really understand is that a large majority of people are heavily into Facebook...I tried (and have tried and tried) to see the appeal of facebook. I go on to mine that I reluctantly set up and all I can see is updates of what games so and so has been on, political propaganda from other countries or what football team is doing next week.
Am I missing something? Why do I need to know this....if I wanted to talk to a friend, wouldn't I ring or email? Maybe I am just a fuddy duddy and it is this exact reason I am persisting with facebook and desperately trying to find some sort of appeal. As I get older, I think its really important I don't get left behind with social media. I have even joined pin interest which I find very useful (well I think?)

Now it comes to my afternoon. I met a wonderful blogger friend for coffee (to be honest we were both 'coffeed out' ,exhausted, so just had coke and orange juice) and talked and talked and talked for about 2 and a half hours. If it wasn't for my blog, I would never have met this entertaining and talented lady. I left feeling lifted and inspired, to keep blogging, the endless possibilities that are just around the corner. So here I am, blogging away to a few kind people who still come here to read but happy...and I hope one day, a few of my friends my stumble by and say high to me.

And what of the photos...just things I am liking at the moment...especially that Jimmy Martin Wallpaper

Mrs B xxx


kexkez said...

I know the feeling Mrs B. I know no-one else who blogs personally. Though to be honest I haven't exactly been active of late. I am a "facebooker" but have avoided mention of the games on my page for nearly 2 years now. I mostly block game posts. ( yes you can do that)I have a lot of friends who live overseas, in other states or back in the city. Some of whom I've met online. Many, really. FB is a quick way for us to keep in touch.Facebook has it's uses. Today I'm catching up with people I went to high school with. The reunion was organised almost completely on facebook. I know I'm not the norm. At 51 some of my friends are only just discovering ebay let alone etsy, pininterest, let alone looking online for home advice etc. I do have some non technology challenged friends in the real world who are my age but it would be far less than 30% of my age group friends. Belonging to online chats in one form or another, blogs, forums, buying groups, has been part of my life since b4 there really was "net". Back in the dark ages when "the net" was non graphical or even further into the 80's when being online meant calling your local BBS and chatting or playing text based games. Of course back then we also met offline to go to the movies, have car rallys, midnight coffee trips to dim places only cabbies normally inhabited, picnics and BBQ's. It's been a good ride so far.

Mrs B said...

Hi are you! It has been along time since we caught up on each other's blogs. I consider it a bit of my own 'Professional Development' to keep up with all the technology there is but it is so rapidly expanding I just have to work out whats relevant to me. It is so good hearing from you again...this is the best part of blogging!
Mrs B xxx

Heartfire At Home said...

None of my good friends really read my blog, although they know of its existence. None of them are 'into' blogs like I am that's for sure, and none have their own.

I've made some amazing friends via blog land, and plan to visit one in particular who lives in Italy one day. Another lives in Copenhagen, and I'd love to visit her too! I know just as much about their lives as I do most of the people in my 'real world'.

I also have 2 forums I frequent (although I've been absent lately due to work plain old wearing me out), and the people at both of these are amazing!

I've never been a big Facebook girl, I visit every few weeks or so, but don't spend regular time on it at all - there's too much else to do and I just don't see the charm in it like others do.

One online place I can get a bit lost for hours on is Pinterest. That's a time sucking site for me!

Alexandria Emporium said...

None of my friends blog, but some of my closer friends ask about my blog quite often and they read it sometimes too which is nice. Some friends and office colleagues, emphatically state they don't want to have anything to do with social media.I think everyone will just start doing it when they are ready I guess. In the meantime, it's nice to be in this exciting new world I think ! Mxxx

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

I dislike is quite anti social in my view. Good for self promotion and perhaps boring everyone of your friends with the miniscule details of life. I like it though to keep 'an eye' out for my teenage daughters! I blog quite anonymously. My friends & family know I blog but have shown little interest and Im quite happy with that. I feel more unencumbered by self doubt about my posts / opinions as no one i 'know' reads. Go figure! I am just starting to get a real appetite for Pin Interest! I might be slow, but I get there! x KL

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

Me again...and thanks SOOOO much for identifying that wallpaper! I have loved, stalked and blogged about it before! Love it!
x KL

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Don't feel too bad, most of my friends don't read my blog either! Only my decorator friends have blogs, so they "get it". But the rest, not so much.

Facebook has gone way overboard with the status updates, etc. Pretty soon it'll be telling people what you ate for breakfast and when you went to the bathroom without you even knowing it.

RosieRose said...

I am loving having you back to Blogging Mrs B. I am giggling reading about the look you get when talking about the internet. Somestimes I get the "whatever floats your boat" look when I talk about my Forum and bloggie friends. But I tell you what these wonderful connections I have made have gotten me through some of my darkest hours with my son. I actually feel like I have an identity that is just about me and not the world of disability. Also now blogging too I fee like I can be creative and have a voice too....


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