Friday, January 2, 2009

My fixation on designing cool boys bedrooms

As the title suggests...Cool boys bedrooms? What I think is 'cool' and what my boys think is 'cool' couldn't be further apart. I am on a mission to decorate my 3 boys rooms to perfection, each room individual,colourful; reflecting on their owners personality and most importantly , a room where they wont be embarassed to bring their friends to hang out and play in. This will be Mission Impossible!!!!! Here I have found pictures that represent the most funkiest, coolest rooms you can find but I can guarantee that my kids would loathe these stunning pictures. My 14 year old just wants a bed, white walls and his TV on the wall. Plain doona cover and his cricket trophies on a white cabinet...that's it, nothing else, no girly cushions, rocking horse or curtains. This is my biggest decorating challenge yet! Stay tune as I let loose a barrage of colour with co-ordinating lamps, ottomans' cushions, window furnishings and bedding!
The pictures I have selected are from Better Homes and Gardens as well as PB Teens. In no way will I replicate the rooms but rather take bits and pieces from each room. I Love the checkered rug in one of the pictures and already I have seen it in Ikea. My colour theme will be green, blue and white...other accent colours yet to come. Hope you enjoy the pictures....
In this picture, I love the way they have mixed so many colours on the bed. In particular I like the use of yellow...very pretty but not sure if my boys would like it.

This bedlinen from PB teens is more like it...very sophisticated and subtle, I think the colours would work well in my oldest boys room.

The dark walls work well in this room. I think I will use dark blue as a contrasting colour in oldest boys room.

Couldn't resist! beautiful for a little girl, about 10 years old. I just love the colour where was I? that's right, back to boys...

Red white and blue, never can can wrong with this colour combination.

I love the rug, this room has given me ideas for my babies room. So serene and beautiful...

This room is so funky, dark blue works well with the red. I actually just asked my 14 year old if he liked this room...he loved it and wants everything in it...I think I am getting close to a victory!

I love the green walls, what a beautiful room! Sorry, I cant remember what site I found this picture on but it is just so lovely
Mrs B


Kek said...

So many great ideas there... my boys would probably hate them all too. :s

Quote from my eldest: Why do I need a feature wall? I don't care about colours..."

Mrs B said...

Hi Kek
I'm hoping that once the house is built and we move in, the boys will become excited about their rooms. I have been going on about this house for the last 2 years so I think I have bored everyone, friends and family included hehe


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