Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Security Doors are in...

Our stacker security doors went in today for the downstairs kitchen area. We have 5 sets of these doors throughout the house and will be getting the rest after Christmas. What a joy they are...we can just keep the doors open throughout the day keeping flies out as well as offering security. At first I was concerned they would ruin the look of the home both from inside and out but they just blend so easily you don't even notice them. The photos below show how they look both from the interior and exterior.

This picture is from the outside with the stacker wire doors open....

Same view but with them shut. As you can see they just neatly slide out of the way if not needed. I love these wire has made living in and outdoors a breeze now as I hate the flies!
Mrs B

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its Christmas time! or at least in my household. Some of the decorations and tree have gone up but I still have to find the rest in storage at my Dad's house. My little white tree (that one that will do for now) looks so pretty in this spot but it still needs more decorations and lights according to my children. My 'dream tree' lives in this beautiful candle shop and I am hoping that it will be for sale boxing day so at least next Christmas I will have this 8ft tree to fill the space.

I bought the magazine when it came out and I just loved this Christmas edition, so much that it inspired me to set up my tree in November. I am busy preparing for a few Christmas for my son's cricket team and parents and another for all my friends from work.
Anyway, more pictures to come once I set up all the Chrisie decorations.
Mrs B


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