Friday, March 26, 2010

Wallpaper and Drapes

Colour examples for Theatre, Bedroom and Study

Finally my wallpaper and drapes are almost done! What an exhausting process it has been for the last 2 years. I wont go into details about my search for wallpaper but finally I have settled on 3 designs I love. Also, The drape fabric that Vanessa, the Laura Ashley consultant suggested is more perfect than what I could imagine. So, here are the pics and a big thank you to Vanessa who took the time to help me decide and cut out samples for me so I could see how they looked in my own home.

My bedroom

My bedroom at the moment is a blank canvas. I also wanted a 'blue' theme just like I see in many awe inspiring blogs but it has taken me a while to realise that blue does not really work with colours I already have. So 'blue' may have to be in accent colours...will have to work it out. The wallpaper I have selected is Isodore bronze/silver. When we held up a large sample in my room, it was one of those light bulbs moments....perfect! Compliments everything when standing back in the lounge with my green couch as the two rooms join each other. Pattern is quite large and the background is almost the same colours as my walls.

Isodore in silver/bronze
The next task was to find a fabric that didn't compete again the pattern in the wallpaper. I hate matchy, matchy stuff and really wanted a beautiful 'silk like' drape for the room that goes from the ceiling to the floor, wall to wall. Now this is going to be very expensive so whatever I was going to pick, I had to LOVE not just think it matches!!!!

This is what Vanessa found back in the cutting room....

Curtain Fabric selected for the bedroom
Pictures do not do this fabric justice at all. It has the appearance of silk but much more studier and if I can say absolutely beautiful to feel and hold. If I am paying a fortune for curtains in my bedroom then it has to be something very special. This is it! Together with the wallpaper is looks perfect, different patterns but one doesn't overwhelm the other. If you are reading this and thinking OMG what is Mrs B doing LOL...what I am doing is adding my personality into a modern home...if there is one room in the house I want to be luxurious and romantic, it is my bedroom. Just wait till you see all the room come together.

Theatre Room

Now onto the theatre room. This room I had always imagined blue/teal/turquoise but the wallpaper I picked had to be a darker tone as we have a projector in the room so therefore darker colours are more appropriate. The wallpaper is charcoal based colour that 'should not' fight against the brown in the couches. It has a touch of gold and silver to the pattern as well.

Wallpaper 'Erin' in charcoal for the study
This will go against the wall where the pictures are. I just hope the pattern is not too busy. The pictures are going back up but if they don't look right with the wallpaper, they will go else where.
Now, the drape fabric was the hardest selection to pick as it has to be fairly heavy to block out all light as well as not fight against the wallpaper pattern like the room upstairs.

Theatre wallpaper with sample of curtain fabric

I picked a neutral fabric as you can see in the picture above. Oh hum I say. OK, it fits and the fabric is lovely to feel but if I am spending a big $$$$'s on just one window then I think I should once again LOVE the fabric that I have picked. This one just looks safe and matches. So, I am ringing Vanessa up to pick my a fabric like the one she did for my bedroom.

If anybody has a comment about this, I am happy to always!

Theatre wallpaper with bedroom fabric

This is better but I don't want to use the same fabric (secretly I wish a blue colour fabric would work in this colour scheme)

Study and wall leading upstairs

Finally, the easiest room to select for but the most difficult to wallpaper. We are having a striped wallpaper hung horizontal not vertical. It was suggested to wrap it right around the wall and up the stairs as well. I think this will be a WOW effect but I don't know how the wallpaper guy is going to do this. Great idea watch this space for what we do!

Wallpaper for study wall and staircase

So, long post today but I wanted to show you the direction I was heading. have a great weekend!

Mrs B


De Novo Concepts said...

Very Nice Mrs B!!!!
You have great taste XX

Katrina Chambers said...

Mrs B I am soooooo excited! Yippeee! I cannot wait to see how this comes together. You have excellent taste.

stormygirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous Mrs B! I have a passion for anything Laura Ashley, and your choices will look stunning in your home. I can't wait to see the horizontal stripes, sounds fabulous!

DesignTies said...

Those first two wallpapers are STUNNING. OMG, they're going to be gorgeous on your walls!! And I love the idea of hanging the striped wallpaper horizontally. It's hard to explain, but horizontal stripes have a sort of cozy feel -- like the stripes are wrapping around you, if that makes sense.

The wallpaper & fabric combo for your bedroom is perfect. And you did a great job selecting a coordinating fabric for the theatre room. But if Vanessa can help you find a patterned fabric that works with the wallpaper, I think you should go with pattern.

I can't wait to see your rooms come together with the wallpaper and curtains!!


P.S. Thanks for being with us right from the start :-)

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lovepowerman said...

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