Friday, July 20, 2012

What I am liking...tables and artwork

The above room is not from Designer's Guild but found via Decoratualma.

Designer Guild Source

Every time I come across a Designer Guild picture, filled with the most breathtaking interior shots possible, I always wonder what has happened to them in Australia? I remember Myers use to stock all the bedlinen from this company but now, I haven't seen it in shops for years. I did buy some beautiful sheets from the range (cost me a fortune) but I was very disappointed in the quality. I'm sure there are many stockists sell the exquisite wallpaper and fabrics but I think I will just sigh from afar and be content looking at pictures.
What I am liking above the first photo however is that gorgeous teacup artwork. My eyes just seem to be drawn to it every time.

Pinned Image

Nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous table laden with white flowers, candles and crystal. This picture just makes me want to sigh every time I look at it. So simple, slightly rustic but elegant all rolled into one. What is it about white flowers and crystal...truly the perfect combination.
On a side note, I have finally discovered pinterest with a passion. I still am not sure how it works so I hope I have given credit to the source. Anyhoo, I have tried my best so if I have used a photo without the correct source, please let me know (kindly).

table decorations2 18 Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas


Love, love, love this table setting. See that  steel bucket with the apples, well for my son's 18th birthday party, my friend lent me a beautiful champagne bucket to hold...well champagne bottles of course and it was the center piece of the whole drinks table. A stainless steel Champagne Bucket is a must for any party! Everything just seems to be so elegant yet casual on this table and I would think a very easy style to replicate.

table decor 18 Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas


Once again, mixture of candles, thick white tablecloth with darker accents, all make a beautiful table.


Belle Maison and Style at Home

This I have got to have...the Chanel Posters! I know this outrageously gorgeous picture has been making the 'blog house rounds' but I just love it!
Has anybody had any luck in finding these Chanel Posters on ebay?...apparently this is where the owner obtained them. Maybe I should ask my bloggy expert on all things to do with Chanel and makeup... Alexandria Emporium


Style at Home

Could you imagine being invited over for a 'bestie' (love this term, makes me feel 16 again) get together and walking into the room to this beautiful set table. Seriously, wouldn't you feel that you are being indulged and loved being entertained in a home like this.
 Picture of a Westie House of Turquoise

Last of all, that picture of a Westie makes my heart melt.
And that vase on the left side table just creates the most lovely visual.

On a side note...Have you noticed all my pictures are BIG! Still tweaking my blog, more work to do on trying to center my header just wants to stay lopsided.

Finally, I promise this blog will get better as I work through all my little problems so please come back and visit!

 Mrs B xxx


Heartfire At Home said...

Wow, what a fabulous collection of pictures! Love the first two, that teacup artwork is gorgeous, and the rustic table under the glam light fitting is wonderful! I love the cushions in the photo with those wonderful Chanel pics, and the image with the cute dog artwork is fab too!! Lots of colour as well - I love colour!

Linda. xox

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Ooooh, love all these gorgeous pictures! The last one with the Westie is my favourite - it's colourful and whimsical, and gotta love dog art :-) I bet you could take a teacup close up and create your own teacup art. The Chanel art too - although you'd have to buy a bottle or two or three first ;-)

Alexandria Emporium said...

All gorgeous, I really want a stainless steel champagne bucket now, must have one!..... and I really love that turquoise poufe. we are moving soon, so might invest in those items in the new place as a housewarming present to myself. :-) Mxxx

Perry Seeber said...

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