Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are wall decals still in fashion...does it really matter?

What do we really think about wall decals....hmmmm I see pictures on the Internet, they look great in the 'mock up' rooms but applied to real life how do they really look? I have seen some in shops but they are already peeling from the walls so how do you know the type and quality that you should be buying?

So, after deliberating for a few months I have decided it doesn't really matter if wall decals are in or out of fashion but I am going to try just a few in my boys rooms. The first one are some really cute swallows for my toddler's room. I think about 8-12 little birds all stuck around the top part of the wall . I can get them in several colours but I think blue would look nice but it doesn't seem that imaginative does it! This is just an idea at the moment....just thinking....

Onto the pictures of my son's bedroom...

This picture has been taken from the door way so on the right side are the green wardrobe doors. So all the little swallows will be 'dancing' around his room. I was thinking of adding a tree branch or two but will have to think about it carefully...I don't want it to look corny.

Mr B actually framed the material picture in the photo a few weeks ago (we bought from IKEA )
We still need to order some gorgeous drapes but that wont be happening till next year....the money tree has definitely shivered up and died from plucking too many notes of it haha

Here is the picture of the swallow wall decals I have selected..... I just think they have so much character.

And how they look on an actual wall....

The next wall decal I absolutely LOVE Birds on a Wire its called and I think it just looks so 'mannish' (if that's a word!) and sooooo cool, perfect for my oldest son's room. I was thinking of putting the decal just over the bed, underneath the window as in this picture below. Or, I can put it on the wall opposite...doesn't really matter.

Oldest Son's Room

Somehow, I am still not convinced about wall decals so I would be interested in your thoughts. I must admit, my 'ideas file' in my head is becoming very dried up at the moment as other day to day events are taking precedence over the house. I will tell you though, I am going to Canada in a few months time and cant wait to hit the shops! I believe there is a Pottery Barn in Toronto so that will definitely be on list for places to visit LOL So maybe once I get this trip over with, I will start to become inspired again. I still need to order my wallpaper and curtains for some of the rooms...oh well, everything takes time I guess.

Mrs B

A quick message for A-M

Hi A-M!

I feel so relieved that its just not me but I cant even log into your beautiful, inspiring blog! I haven't even managed to see your house finished properly as I have that warning message as well so all I get are just 2 secs glimpses...not even enough time to get your email address LOL (this has been happening for almost 6 weeks from my end)

I just wanted you to know why I haven't left any messages after you have moved in. I hope you fix the problem soon as I want to have more than just a quick sec glimpse at your stunning home.

Mrs B xxx


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