Sunday, July 8, 2012


Picture-A beautiful tree cushion from The Works

My current fixation at the moment is the colour chartreuse.Not so long ago I bought a scarf this colour and the number of comments I have received about the colour began to make me think... In every colour palette, room, design I see a glimpse of this colour and I love it. It really does go with everything but I prefer it just as an accent colour. The following few photos I took as I was browsing in that fantastic homeware store The Works (Hawthorn) Surprisingly they don't seem to have a web page so sorry I have no links at this stage.

Same cushion but the back view...the stylists have matched the colour with blues and reds.

A hint of chartreuse again, this time mixed with my favourite colour combinations...

This time with blues...

I really liked the pop of orange in this combination. As I am now waiting for my orange ceramic stool, this colour combination caught my eye.

This bedroom just makes me sigh with pleasure...not sure if I would be brave enough to paint the whole wall this colour. The fabric on the bedhead is STUNNING
(I have lost the link to this picture but i will find it shortly)

Inspiration for this post from from a beautiful blog called A Gift Wrapped Life. Sande does the most exquisite and gorgeous wrappings I have ever seen. Very inspirational as her colour combinations are unique and beautiful. I like the way she has matched pink, black and white and chartreuse together.

Mrs B xxx


Outdoor Furniture said...

Its really an interesting combination of white and orange. Your table looks so attractive and speaks about your aesthetic sense and innovation. You might be find some interesting home decor stuff if you click here

Anna Williams said...

Chartreuse and mustard yellow are some of my favourite colours to use in interiors. I'm working on a home at the moment where we might be using chartreuse curtains! Love your new little orange stool too xx

Anna (My Design Ethos)


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