Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are wall decals still in fashion...does it really matter?

What do we really think about wall decals....hmmmm I see pictures on the Internet, they look great in the 'mock up' rooms but applied to real life how do they really look? I have seen some in shops but they are already peeling from the walls so how do you know the type and quality that you should be buying?

So, after deliberating for a few months I have decided it doesn't really matter if wall decals are in or out of fashion but I am going to try just a few in my boys rooms. The first one are some really cute swallows for my toddler's room. I think about 8-12 little birds all stuck around the top part of the wall . I can get them in several colours but I think blue would look nice but it doesn't seem that imaginative does it! This is just an idea at the moment....just thinking....

Onto the pictures of my son's bedroom...

This picture has been taken from the door way so on the right side are the green wardrobe doors. So all the little swallows will be 'dancing' around his room. I was thinking of adding a tree branch or two but will have to think about it carefully...I don't want it to look corny.

Mr B actually framed the material picture in the photo a few weeks ago (we bought from IKEA )
We still need to order some gorgeous drapes but that wont be happening till next year....the money tree has definitely shivered up and died from plucking too many notes of it haha

Here is the picture of the swallow wall decals I have selected..... I just think they have so much character.

And how they look on an actual wall....

The next wall decal I absolutely LOVE Birds on a Wire its called and I think it just looks so 'mannish' (if that's a word!) and sooooo cool, perfect for my oldest son's room. I was thinking of putting the decal just over the bed, underneath the window as in this picture below. Or, I can put it on the wall opposite...doesn't really matter.

Oldest Son's Room

Somehow, I am still not convinced about wall decals so I would be interested in your thoughts. I must admit, my 'ideas file' in my head is becoming very dried up at the moment as other day to day events are taking precedence over the house. I will tell you though, I am going to Canada in a few months time and cant wait to hit the shops! I believe there is a Pottery Barn in Toronto so that will definitely be on list for places to visit LOL So maybe once I get this trip over with, I will start to become inspired again. I still need to order my wallpaper and curtains for some of the rooms...oh well, everything takes time I guess.

Mrs B


Dy, Michael and Mia said...

Hi Mrs B
I love wall decals and think the swallows are beautiful. We pulled some off our old walls after patting them down with warm water - we had to paint afterward but no plaster was removed!
I've seen some tree decals in my travels & if I find them again I'll post the link.
cheers, dy

Lee said...

Hi Mrs B, I think wall decals can look great used in the right way (it's just that sometimes people go a bit over the top or use them inappropriately) - I think the two ideas you've chosen for your boys room are terrific, and hey if you don't like them after a couple of years you can easily remove them. Perfect. BTW...Toronto...Pottery Barn. I am totally jealous! I hope you have a wonderful time and come home very inspired. Lee :)

Cristin said...

I like removable wall decals in children's rooms bc they need to be redesigned as they grow-up.
In fact I recently wrote a post about a company - Wall Candy that makes darling decal art.

Love your blog!!!

DesignTies said...

Mrs B, you're back!!!! :-) Well, OK, you were back 2 weeks ago and I somehow missed you -- how did that happen?!

I love the sparrow decals -- they do have lots of character, and look great on the wall in the picture that you posted.

Birds on a Wire is cool too.

I think wall decals are a fun way to add colour and interest to a room without investing a lot of time or money. And they're supposed to be easy to remove when you decide you're ready for a change.

Are you going anywhere else besides Toronto when you're in Canada?? Ottawa is just 4 hours away.... :-) But we have crappy stores here. So shop in TO, then come to Ottawa for a visit :-)

Besides Pottery Barn, there are other good home decor stores in TO. There's Restoration Hardware, and I think either West Elm or Anthropologie. And there's the Distillery District, which has a lot of smaller decor stores. I'm sure you'll find lots of good places to shop!! :-)


Annie said...

I think decals are so IN right now.. they are everywhere and the range is very large at the moment. Def do it Mrs B, I will without a second thought for my little girls room, not sure about boy yet... we'll see what's out there when the time comes! I think you should get onto that wallpapering etc you mentioned. Check out for aussie wallpaper search by keyword (if that helps ya).

Annie said...

and btw, who cares if they peel, for the price $50 # , you can update anytime, and they really set the mood for the room, I noticed your white walls were a bit plain, what are you waiting for lady! haha

Pam Kersting said...

Love the wall decals AND the modern home with such beautiful views! Where do you get the decals? I'll be following you as I have a modern home too and could use all of the decorating advice I can get!

Morning T said...

Those swallow decals are incredible and I love them on that pink wall! What a great idea.

decormate said...

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A-M said...

Hey Mrs B, how are you going in your gorgeous palace? Need to know how your decorating is going. Hope you are well and happy. Miss you! A-M xx

Maria Killam said...

the swallows are really fun. And I don't think it matters when you are decorating kids rooms. And I think they are in just like Wallpaper is huge right now!

Welcome back!

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