Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holidays....Wonderful, but back to decorating!

Image from House of Turquoise

We have just come back from our 'trip of a life time' holiday to the USA and Toronto in Canada. It is very embarrassing to note that I haven't blog since July but I also was very concerned that if I made an announcement that we were going overseas, I would be devastated if the wrong people read my message and decided to pay my house a visit whilst we we gone! Our wonderful friends baby sat our home and our dog for us and they were also very sad to leave our place behind as they felt they had a holiday as well.

The trip was unbelievable and we stayed in the most wonderful hotels...thanks to Trip Advisor. We went to Disney Land LA, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas and Hollywood. New York is my favourite place and it always reminded me of Carrie in Sex in the City. I will say it was the wonderful hospitality of the American and Canadian people that made our holiday so much more special. No matter where we were, people bent over backwards to give us directions or help when we needed it. I have never received such good service in restaurants or hotels in my life. Anyway, enough about my trip, back to decorating!

Where am I at the moment...not much further down the track than where I left off in July. I have ordered blinds for upstairs which will look nice but all my beautiful drapes will have to be put on hold until next year as there are other priorities for the house. this Wallpaper fixation I have needs to be address however...I must get it done for the areas in the house so I can move on to finish the rest of the rooms. I did however manage to buy two sets of Barcelona style chairs for the house off my friend. These are beautiful chairs and often I will sit upstairs with my feet up reading a book or just relaxing. I may in the future put them both together but at the moment they are better in separate rooms so each lounge area has more seating.

My new addition to the upstairs lounge room
So that is about it....just trying to keep the house clean and decluttered, patiently waiting to get my wallpaper just like in the pretty picture of the bedroom above. Christmas is coming up (which I love) so i cant wait to see all the decorating ideas and pictures in all my favourite blogs.
Mrs B


Annie@A View On Design said...

well nice to see you back! check out my new blog and my regular one

so much has happened since we chatted last! Bet you had a great break, good to come home too tho

catch soon

A-M said...

Yay, welcome back Mrs B! Your trip sounded wonderful. I LOVE your chairs. Keep us posted with the wallpaper decisions. Love wallpaper too. A-M xx

Kek said...

I've been waiting for you to get back.... glad you had such a fun holiday!

Love the chairs.

Petal said...

Welcome back, Mrs B - you lucky thing! :-)DH & I will be doing a shorter version of your lovely holiday very soon. All still looking absolutely magnificent at your place.

DesignTies said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! Well, OK, you've been back for a few weeks, but I just discovered that you're back right now!!

Good to hear you enjoyed your trip to the US and Canada :-) We're nice people over here -- especially us Canadians!! :-D

Nice Barcelona chair :-) It almost looks like a piece of art in your lounge.

Looking forward to see what decorating plans you have coming up :-)


braveheart said...

Welcome back Mrs B, yours chairs look fantastic. How are things going with the house. We moved into ours a few months ago, I have just updated my blog if you want to see our progress. It is now down to decorating. I am also trying to keep the place de-cluttered which is not easy.

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