Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quick message for A-M

Hi A-M!

I feel so relieved that its just not me but I cant even log into your beautiful, inspiring blog! I haven't even managed to see your house finished properly as I have that warning message as well so all I get are just 2 secs glimpses...not even enough time to get your email address LOL (this has been happening for almost 6 weeks from my end)

I just wanted you to know why I haven't left any messages after you have moved in. I hope you fix the problem soon as I want to have more than just a quick sec glimpse at your stunning home.

Mrs B xxx


A-M said...

Oh Mrs B, you are an absolute darling for sending me this message. What's going on? I am suspicious that it is a browser issue. Can you try using a different browser, Firefox or Safari and then let me know if you are successful? I do have my techie cousin in law helping out but no news yet! I have had a few messages from people who have no problem at all so if it was a porblem with my site then no-one would be able to access it. My email address is: Love A-M xx

Mrs B said...

Hi A-M
I will try a different browser but I'II wait until Mr B gets home to see if he can work it out! I was just relieved that it wasnt just me...I have been following your blog since almost the start of your build and not seeing the end result of all those months of torture and pleasure you have been through is just terrible on my part! I dont even know if the water situation has been fixed as I can only catch a quick sentence before the page aborts itself LOL
I will get back to you shortly to see if it works.

Mrs B xxx

TamDaz said...

Just to let you know, I have been having the same thing happening for weeks now too. For a while, I wasn't even receiving that you updated your blog. Now I'm getting those, but only a second or so to scroll to look. Don't know what happened just now, let me open this page, but will probably close with an error as usual as soon as I try to look through any other parts of your blog. I was really enjoying watching your progress. Your colours and designs are so inspiring.

Mrs B said...

Hi Tamdaz

Yes some strange things are happening at the moment with (what looks like) the Aussie blogs. When I went to open my own blog I had that terrible message....operation aborted but I tried again and it let me through. Some other blogs, I have tried to get on has the same message. All very strange!
Mrs B


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