Saturday, April 4, 2009

Melbourne Garden photos

The Melbourne Garden Show has been on for the last week and since I have never been before, this year I really wanted to go. We got there 9am on a Sunday morning thinking we will beat the crowds but already hundreds were lining up at the entrance, waiting for it to be open. I had a really good time, much better than our home shows. What I liked the best was the garden displays, mostly filled with Australian native plants. Of course a day couldn't go by without a small batteries in my camera went flat. Never mind, I actually took most pictures I really wanted of the plant combinations I loved.

I hope you enjoy my pictures, I took photos of mostly sections in the garden as this is what I am after.

Wouldn't this be a lovely little spot in a garden to just sit and ponder in. I could just imagine all the native birds and little lizards coming to visit.

Fantastic use of different size rocks. This seems to be a theme in our gardens lately as water restrictions means we cannot water our grass lawns any more. The rocks in this picture has been done really well but too many gardens over use the rock idea and it looses its effect. Rocks are suppose to be a feature not a substitute for a lawn or nature strip.

Nice area but not for me...great if you are doing the whole outdoor living 'resort style garden'.

A very funky native style table piece.

The plantings in this small area are just divine...the photo doesn't really show how nice it looked. I loved the little 'zen tree' look- a- like plants that softly weep to the ground. I have no idea what they are called but I will look it up in my brand new Aust native plant book.

Very similar to how I want my garden to look like. The kangaroo paws are just gorgeous...apparently everybody else loves these plants as my landscaper is finding it hard sourcing the red variety.

This is just so pretty! A rock with a love heart carved into it, surrounded by beautiful purple flowers. This would have to be my favourite picture of the day!

The darker leaf plants are kangaroo paws...very hard to see the flowers in the photo, I like the way rocks are used in the native gardens.

Fake grass! Yep, this is what its come to. There is a drought, we cannot water lawns so a lot of home owners are resorting to this. We are having a small square of fake grass on the side of the house. I never thought I would have the stuff in my own home but its amazing how fantastic it looks.

Final picture, a sculpture for the garden. There were many more but this is where my batteries went flat.
Mrs B


Lee said...

Thank you for bringing a little bit of the Melbourne Garden Show to me - I've been a bit under the weather and didn't manage to get there this year. I loved the native plantings & I think my favourite pic is a toss up between the love heart carved on the rock & the pear sculptures. Great pics & it looks like the show was truly wonderful. Lee :)

Kek said...

I couldn't make it this year either, so the pics are really appreciated. Thanks, Mrs B. :o)

I agree with you about the use of rocks and pebbles - I hate seeing a whole front yard done in pebbles, as a substitute "lawn" with mulched beds around the edges. Feature sections are much more to my liking.

DesignTies said...

Lovely gardens, MrsB. So interesting to see totally different plants than the native plants we have in Canada. The kangaroo paws are intriguing -- and love that name!!

The pear sculptures are great :-)

You'll have to post some close-ups of your fake grass when it's installed. I'm curious to see what it looks like.


Maria Killam said...

I love it! Now you need to bring all these landscapers to your house! I'm sure what you are doing is absolutely fabulous anyways. . . The fake grass. . . well desperate times call for desperate measures, in small patches I can get it!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Fake grass could be an answer when water is not available. Even in rainy Vancouver we don't have enough water in summer for the lawn, so it is "chic and hip" to let the grass go brown. When you see green lawns here it means lots of fertilizer and lots of wasted water!
We all need to do our part to save the planet (but now I wonder how is the fake grass maufactured?)

kexkez said...

Fabulous news! :) enjoy your easter.

DesignTies said...

I'm glad you posted these pics, Mrs. B... they really help me to see what your garden will look like when filled with native plantings. Beautiful!!

Danielle said...

oh I so want those pears.

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