Friday, April 3, 2009

Is it about the journey or the destination?

Very appropriate title I think! 17th months have passed and we are on the eve of m0ving in. Still so many things to go, the outside is incomplete, waiting for the few last details to be added, electrics, plumbing, hydronics, carpet to do on the inside. Landscaping will start next week and our sides have the aggregate cement. Driveway still not done due to rain. The only time it rained in Melbourne this 'century' (maybe a slight exaggeration hehe) was the day they had picked to do the driveway! Oh well....I must build a bridge and just except that when ever something vitally important is about to happen at the house it least everybody in Melbourne will benefit from the downpour.
So, is it about the journey...always! but I have had enough and impatiently waiting for it to be over. Have I learnt a lot...yes, but I have learnt more from my mistakes. I see this as only a positive and I know that many of you will understand this. There is no such thing as a perfect house, perfect build or perfect selections (I can only speak from my own personal experience) as I am changing my views and personal preferences as I build this house. I look at other peoples gorgeous homes on their blogs and I often wonder why I didn't do this colour or design my home like that. But, my house is about where I am at the moment, not where I was 10 years ago or where I might be 15 years from now. To answer a question 'is this my dream home' it is at this moment but may not be in the future. I have no 'dream home' as such as every home I see has the greatest potential to be beautifully decorated by the owner. I think it all depends on if they have a desire to do it so.
It has taken over my life for the last 2 years so I am ready to be at the end of this particular journey...ready to start an exciting new one. So, here are the last few pictures of my home before we move in.

A glimpse of our beautiful red splashback

Our sensible staircase
This was one aspect of the home I really struggled with the design. What we have is a very simple and plain staircase. My builder is going to do some final touches to the polls, just to give it more details. I still am contemplating what to do with the walls underneath the stairs. This will be one of my first decorating projects but the white colour has to go! This is what is bothering me the most.

Should I paint underneath the wood a different colour?

The floor in the kitchen

Our blackbutt flooring with a semi gloss.

Bathroom now complete with our lovely taps.

Sparkling clean...just waiting for the mirrors

More Floors.....

Pictures of our aggregate paving...very interesting process, when they first did it, it looked dreadful beyond description. Its not until they use the high pressure hose that the stones are revealed.

Patio area just outside the laundry...this is where I will be hanging out my clothes. No more dodging between dog poos in long grass when hanging out my washing LOL The joy of small things!

Service area...ahhhhh so nice and neat! We will be bringing our recycling bins down this path, what bliss!

Mrs B


Katrina Chambers said...

I am sure the house will be amazing once you have had time to settle into it and get a feel for each room. I work for a building company and am currently building one for myself. It's so hard for yourself and I will be forever changing my ideas!

A-M said...

Breathtakingly beautiful. Your floors!!!! Your kitchen!!! I LOVE your stairs! I would do a groovy feature colour underneath the wood. I am so glad the journey is almost over for you. I understand EXACTLY how you feel.... it just needs to be over doesn't it! You need to post your moving in photos for all of us who still have a long way to go... that'll keep me going. A-M xx

Lee said...

Wow, your semi-gloss floors look fantastic! And, I absolutely love the red splashback. I'm with A-M I think it's a great idea to paint the section beneath the staircase. Your home looks tantalising close to complete - you must be ecstatic. Lee :)

Rachael said...

Wow, it's stunning. I agree with Lee and A-M, your floors are gorgeous! I love the fireplace too! And the red splashbacks. Can't wait to see it with your furniture in!

DesignTies said...

I'm in absolute awe!!! Your home is just stunning!!!

I'd love to see a closer view of your red backsplash. It looks like a great hit of colour in the kitchen.

What about painting the white walls under the stairs the same green that's in your sons' rooms. Or the same green as your front door. Or maybe red like your backsplash. Or blue like the little LED lights.

I can imagine how hard the wait has been. But you're almost there!! In fact, you probably ARE there right now!!!

Congratulations, MrsB :-) And welcome home!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Kek said...

Nearly there at last...

It's all looking beautiful, Mrs B. I have no brilliant suggestions for your under-stair area, but I agree that it needs something.

Perhaps once the surrounding rooms are furnished, you'll know exactly what that something should be.


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