Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally we are in!

We are in!

Finally, after almost 18 months of a house build, we able to call our house a home. Moving has been unbelievably difficult, stressful and I wish someone could wave a magic wand and put all our worldly possessions in their rightful place. Rule number 1...find someone to look after any child under 5 whilst moving. Our little fella is not coping at all, and his behaviour has been extremely difficult to cope with.

Anyway, no need to hear about moving dramas as that is not important. The first night we moved in, it really felt like a dream. I could not believe that finally we are sleeping in our new home! Its still feels so surreal as if I am dreaming. Everything is so different to what I am use to, the rain shower we have in our bathrooms, the light sensors that turn on when you walk into our robes and ensuite and the space that our new kitchen offers...I really don't know how to fill up all the cupboards but I'm sure I will find new kitchen gadgets to do just that. It is so strange to have so much space...fairly unsettling at night as I cant see all the rooms from just one point of the house. We have always lived in small homes so it will take quite a bit getting use to.
There are still things to do like our hydronic heating, fireplaces, landscaping and all the bits and pieces that come with finishing of a new home. My builder and his supervisor have done a terrific job in maintaining a top standard through the build. My tiling in all the bathrooms are just perfect...I love the tiles I selected and gives the bathrooms a 'day spa' feel to them.

So, now the important Yeahhhhh! You must remember, that none of the rooms are decorated and only have the bare amount of furniture in them but at least you can see where I am heading. I am so happy that finally, no longer is this a long, frustrating house build blog but is now about Decorating a Modern Home!!!!! so lets start the new chapter by showing what my house looks like...Day 3 of moving in. I can then start to share the journey of each room as I decorate it and make it feel like a home.

Theatre Room Day 3

So you can see I have plain dark leather couches, light ottoman, cushions that have a teal/blue pattern through them and a blue throw. these are the colours I will be working with in this room.

Dinning Area Day 3
We bought this table off our friend and easily sits 8 people even more comfortably. I love square tables especially for dinner parties. You can also see my beautiful crystal light night it looks stunning. I saw this light fitting on a show called Design Guys years ago and have always wanted one since, now its in my new home. I know Kelly from Design Ties loves this light fitting as well and was going to have it in her dream kitchen!
Also, you may notice the window furnishings, they are called Redi Blinds ( I think thats what they are called) and are actually made of paper. They just stick on where you want them and are so easy to take off when your proper window furnishings arrive. Fantastic product and so cheap.

Kitchen Pictures
Well the kitchen has been completed is my pride and joy. What I like most about it is the beautiful granite Bianco Romano. It just literally sparkles and I am just forever looking at all the different patterns through it...sigh

I didn't go for the top of the range appliances but the ones we did select are just so nice and easy to use. Mr B is the cook in the family so he wanted an oven that turned on and off...we don't really do any fancy baking etc so something that was easy and uncomplicated to use was fine with us.

Island bench
We did buy a Miele dishwasher although as this did have the best reputation. Highly recommended! You don't realise how bad some other dishwashers are until you see your plates cleaned by a really good dishwasher. It is so quite I cant even hear it and when I open the door, the plates are actually sparkling...just like in the TV add LOL

A view to the alfresco area

Bathroom with hydronic heated towel rail.
One thing I am looking forward to is living in a house with hydronic heating. Overseas this is the norm but in Australia, it is not common to find this source of heating and is very expensive to install. I have lived in a house before with ducted heating and I was forever freezing and unsettled. I promised myself that if we ever built, I want to feel warm in every room not just in certain parts of the house.

Upstairs lounge room Day 3
Green large couch with a purple and gold theme through the ottoman and cushions. This is work in progress to pull this room together!

Our bedroom Day 3
I know there is just a bed but at least you didn't get to see just the mattress on the floor haha this is one of my biggest decorating to make this space into a beautiful, romantic and gorgeous bedroom. This photo shows you what I have there at the moment (including my sons port-a-cot as he sleeps in our room) the little blue cushion is a hint of the type of colour I like. Already I love the white doona cover and white sheets so I am working around that theme.

Sons bedroom Day 3
All my kids have their lovely bed linen, I just have to add their bits and pieces.
So, I hope you enjoyed my before shots. As I add new things to the rooms I will update these photos...I just cant wait to get started!
Mrs B


kexkez said...

Very exciting Mrs B. I can't wait to see what you do with each room. Given how beautifully you've chosen colours and made wonderful design decisions I know your blog will be one I continue to enjoy "checking out".

Once again. Congratulations on finally being in your new home. :)

Niki said...

Hey I knew as soon as I saw your home it had a East Coast Australian vibe, so I checked out your details. Beautiful. I am on the west Coast & have 4 boys. I love your home, it is very funky fresh & light.

DesignTies said...

Yay, Mrs B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything looks fantastic, even undecorated!! I LOVE the red backsplash in your kitchen. And you know I love your dining room chandelier :-)

I really like that you're planning different colour schemes for different rooms.

Congrats Mr & Mrs B and the little Bs on your new home :-)


stormygirl said...

Congratulations Mrs B and family!

You have been waiting so long and so patiently for this day to arrive, and finally it is here! No longer a dream, but reality! You must be so proud, your home is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see your decorating ideas come to life. I just love the accent of blue in your theatre room, such a gorgeous colour.

Well done Mrs B! I hope your youngest settles in soon, it must be difficult for him, as the rest of the family.

Take care, congratulations and I look forward to the next chapter!

Maria Killam said...

Congratulations! It's a great start you have on your furniture!

bev said...

Oh Mrs B i had a big grin on my face when i saw this post! I am so happy for you. I know i haven't been following your blog very long but i just love your house!

I hope you and our family are very happy. I'm really looking forward to seeing your decorating choices and making it a home :)

Kek said...

High five, Mrs B! Finally....

Yes, moving is horrible and nobody should ever have to do it. If we ever have to do it again, I want to be sedated and woken up once it's all over.

But now that you're in, the fun can begin. :o)

Lee said...

Congratulations Mrs B! Your new home looks gorgeous already & it's only Day 3!! Now that the horrible bit (moving) is over, you can enjoy decorating your home with your beautiful flair for interiors and design. Love all the space that you have too! Honestly, it's so gorgeous I don't know where to start. Lee :)

Katrina Chambers said...

Awesome! How exciting for you to finally be there. We are moving into ours in 2 weeks. And yes, I have shipped my children off to their grandparents for a few days as moving with them is hard work! Can't wait to see all your decorating come together.

A-M said...

OMG you are in!!!!! Oh how incredibly exciting. It looks all sooo gorgeous, even after only 3 days... boy you work fast, you must be EXHAUSTED! Your kitchen is perfection... and so are your decorating ideas. Now for lots of pretty decorating posts.... hooray! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! A-M xx

White Dove said...

Hi Mrs B. so delighted that you have moved in....and survived !!

My daughter will be moving hopefully within the next few weeks, (her reno echoing your build in that the completion date kept getting further & further away.At least with having a baby you know it's around 9 months give or take a week or so, but a house....think again) Enjoy your lovely home. It was well worth waiting for.

Danielle said...

Your house is absolutley gorgeous. Seems like something you would find in a magazine. It must be amazing to finally move in and get comfortable.

DesignTies said...

I'm so excited for you and your family Mrs. B - you've finally moved in!!! I'm in love with your home... I really am!! And I can't believe how fantastic everything looks after only 3 days. Where are all your boxes?!
Victoria @ DesignTies

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