Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 days to go...

My heading today is 25 days to go... It is when we are moving into our new home. That will bring us up to the 31st of March. Our builder promised us before Christmas, promised us February and promised us March for sure...can you see a pattern here? We have given notice to our landlord and have to move out on this date, give a day or two. How exciting is that! Now we just have to focus on getting a house built to move into. So the countdown is now on.

David Schefer ...(picture from Patrica Gray)

Now, back to decorating the house! One problem area of the house is my staircase. Would you believe I haven't one photo to show you as it looks very incomplete. When I designed the staircase, I told the staircase guy that safety was number 1 priority. We have two very solid landings, one up top and one half way up. There is no spiral in the treads for a very good reason. Anybody that has lived in a house with a dangerous staircase will know what I'm talking about. The first day we moved into our rental, my baby followed me up the stairs while I was trying to get a mattress up and without me even realising he was there, he came to the spiral bit and fell on his head backwards and tumbled right down to the bottom. He wasn't hurt thank god but his fall was solely attributed to the design of the staircase, the fact it had no landing and it was very steep. Also, my elderly father visits us all the time and the thought of him climbing stairs sends me into a cold dad has also had many terrible falls that has resulted him ending up in hospital.

So, what does this mean when it comes to designing a staircase for my own home. It is solid with a handrail, no open treads, no fancy curves and very plain. I suppose it was one part of the house where I was not prepared to spend the extra 5-20k in making it a feature. My task now is how to give it that wow factor! I was reading Patricia's Gray post on her favourite staircases and thinking to myself how plain mine looks until I came across this picture (above)

It wasn't the staircase I looked at but it was that blind half way up. Perfect, this will also work in my house as I also have a long window that has obscure glass on the top landing. I am going to find a striking pattern to use as a blind for the focal point of my staircase. For once I am glad that I haven't ordered the blinds yet. Will keep you posted about this window.

Today I bought this beautiful, contemporary chandelier for my bedroom (not this exact one but very similar) The shop I bought it from also does custom made ottomans. Perfect! as I am having ottomans as my bedside tables for the bedroom. It is slowly coming together but that purchase can wait till I move in I think!

Graham and Brown wallpaper

More wallpaper samples for my Butlers Pantry and Study area. Love both patterns. This weekend I am going to order the samples so I am very interested to see what they look like in real life.

Graham and Brown

I can see this red pattern in the Butlers Pantry...compliments the red splashback. Just ideas at the moment..

Mrs B


A-M said...

What a fantastic idea for your staircase. It will look great.
I LOVE the Butlers Pantry red wallpaper. Yes I am starting to think I will wait to leave some decisions until after I move in. It's great to have set ideas though.. as the scheming is the best part! A-M xx

Lee said...

I know what you mean about the stairs - I fell down our narrow, winding staircase in our rental when I was 6mths pregnant (the baby was fine. So I can completely understand the measures you've taken here.

Anyway, you've really found a fantastic way to spice up the staircase area - can't wait to see the finished result! I too LOVE the Butlers Pantry red wallpaper - very William Morris is style but with a modern edge. Sounds perfect. Can you get D@n to photoshop that one as well?

Meade Design Group said...

I have seen the pattern repeat in the yellow and brown wallpaper before and its very odd - I will highly recommend to see a larger piece before committing to that wallpaper.

Mrs B said...

Thanks A-M and Lee, my mind is on over drive at the moment when it comes to decorating the house. I dont know how many ideas will actually eventuate but at least I am prepared to take risks. As for the wallpaper paper...definately get the samples first as it may not be the look I am after.
Hi Ivan (Meade Design Group)...that is so interesting about the pattern. Now I am really curious to see it as a sample. I am hooked on wallpaper at the moment, I probably need to get it out of the system...but gees the right colour and pattern can 'make' a room

DesignTies said...

Tell your builder I'll come beat him up if your house isn't ready for you in 25 days!! ;-)

The red & white wallpaper looks fantastic. I hope the sample looks as good!! I just picked up a couple of rolls of G&B Darcy in Pearl today for the dining room :-)

Isn't Patricia's post about staircases great?? We had the staircase to our loft installed last year. After 5 years of searching for unique staircase designs, we ended up with a simple solid oak staircase. I'm hoping the railing will spice it up a bit :-)

I think you did the right thing going with simple & safe stairs. As the picture you posted proves, simple can be glamourous and pretty :-)

Fingers crossed that you're in your new home on March 31st!!


DesignTies said...

I think we're all going to be watching the calendar and counting the days until you can move in to your new dream house! How exciting, Mrs. B!

I'm loving the idea of a blind like the one in Patricia's photo!!

Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

Patricia Gray said...

I am glad that you were inspired by my Post. I like to hear that because it is what makes Blogging so worthwhile.

BTW Could you please use this link to update my Blog Listing as I see that it is showing one year old.


Mrs B said...

Thanks Patricia for popping in (and of course to everybody else!)
Phew!!! Your date is fixed, thanks for that link, it always bothered me it was always at the bottom of my blog list. Now I just have to fix Marias one, her blog is stuck at 4 months ago.
Mrs B


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