Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photoshop by D@n

This program is amazing if you can do it properly. Dan, a member of my favourite home forum has 'photoshopped ' my pantry picture, adding in the wallpapers I have selected. Can I just say what a difference! Originally I would say the light blue colour but after seeing these pictures, I think the brown/red pattern looks stunning. It just goes to show you how important it is to get samples before you make any selections.

Mrs B


Lee said...

Wow! I think I need D@n to photoshop my whole house! Seriously though, the red/brown wallpaper looks amazing. Do you think you'll go with it? It's incredible to see your house coming together like this. Lee :)

DesignTies said...

Mock-ups like this are fab -- they really give you an idea of how your space will look before you commit to painting or hanging wallpaper :-)

I agree, the brown/red pattern looks wonderful with the wood :-)

Thanks for entering a name for our giveaway -- I love your suggestion and your reasoning behind it. Good luck!! :-)


A-M said...

Oh the red one, the red one.... it's perfect. Do you feel like consulting to a certain house project up in Brisbane? You have such a flair! A-M xx

DesignTies said...

Yes!! The brown/red pattern!!
Wow that looks fantastic, Mrs. B!! Really works with the wood colour of your cabinetry.

And your friend Dan - great skill to be able to include perspective like that in his mock-up... looks like it's really there!

Looking forward to pics of the real thing!!

Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

Kek said...

I agree, love the brown. It would look great with a few accessories in a similar colour to the blue though.

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