Monday, March 9, 2009

Window Shopping

Yesterday was a bit like a roller coaster... I met my supervisor at the house and he told me another four weeks. Excuse me, but hasn't he read that I am moving in 20 days, after all, its on my blog therefore official?

Anyway, all was not lost as I had planned a shopping trip to a new homewares store that promised all these wonderful, unique handcrafted goodies. A Big thank you to

who put me onto this shop in Fitzroy. Every week she does this wonderful Monday Shop post where she does a write up about small design/homewares shops around Melbourne. Lee is a wealth of information about where to shop. So.... off I trot, still angry and annoyed, to a wonderful store called Southwood Home. Even standing outside the window, I loved the whole concept of the store even before I took a step into the shop. All products are handmade by local artists therefore it is more pricey than your cheap imports in chain shops. Anyway, to see all the pictures of whats there, go over and visit Lee's blog. I have included a few other pictures on my blog as well.

See that red painting in the is stunning in real life. The whole shop is just styled so beautifully.

The cushions remind me very much of what you can buy on Etsy, very unique. This is an older picture but I like it because that handcrafted bed is very similar to gives me good ideas on how to style my own bed.

All their bowls are hand made, they felt so nice to touch.....

The tree blanket I feel in Love with! I am going to get one but will wait until I have set up my bed. It comes in 5 different colours. I noticed they had a few vintage pieces mixed in, the lamp bases are old, painted over but its the shades that give it that WOW factor.

Just some more amazing cushions and the lamp shades are a must as well. I could easily spend soooooo much money in this shop. I think just one piece at a time!

Mrs B


DesignTies said...

Oooh, nice store!! I love those cushions and lamp shades too :-)

What other colours does the tree blanket come in?? Do you have colour scheme selected for your bedroom??

I wish we had cool shops like this in Ottawa... our selection of home decor stores is truly pathetic!!!

Happy shopping!!


P.S. YES, if it's on your blog, it's official!!! :-)

Lee said...

Mrs B, thank for the mention... you're such a darling! I'm so glad that you liked Southwood Home. I practically drooled over everything went I popped in to take a look at their goodies. I do hope your house is ready to move into in 20 days not 28 days as Mr Project Manager says. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (a proven scientific method known to bring good luck).

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