Monday, February 2, 2009

A white bedroom?


Everything about this bed I love. So dreamy and makes you just want to snuggle in and watch telly, read a book or just lie there thinking nice thoughts. What goes into making a bed like this...perhaps beautiful bedlinen, lots of plump pillows, good quality sheets, doonas and maybe some accessories like quilts and blankets folded at the end of the bed. As a person with no training in interior design, I am always fascinated at how beautiful 'other peoples houses' are in magazines. So, here are just a few examples of ideas I have for my bedroom. I know this blog is Decorating a Modern Home and my pictures are of a different style but this is what I want for my bedroom but with a contemporary twist.


The picture above could very well be my bedroom but with carpet. I have a beautiful sleigh bed, same colour and have just bought a simple white doona cover with white sheets and pillow cases. After that, I am stuck for ideas. I have some bedside cabinets that don't go with the bed but they have a really nice shape. I am not sure what to do with them but thinking of painting them so they could work in my room. What colour......I have no idea so I am open to any suggestions.

I love this wallpaper...I would like it on the back wall where my bed is. I also have been searching everywhere for the perfect bedside lamps. Not sure just yet what style I am after but there are so many lamps out there to choose from. Definitely something to buy after the room is set up.

I really like these cushions! very different but Wow, what a statement they would make in a simple white bedroom.


This bed is just lovely! When I get sick of all white, just add a colourful doona cover to change the look of the whole room.
Mrs B


LexyB said...

I ADORE white bed linen and have several sets. If someone can tell me how to stop the pillow cases getting yicky on the male side of the bed, I will be most grateful!

Design Ties said...

You must be a fan of Livingetc -- me too!! It's my favourite home decor magazine :-)

I love the wallpaper in the picture that you posted. I think it would look fantastic on the wall behind your bed. The colour scheme in that picture is gorgeous -- maybe you could us it as inspiration for your bedroom. It's so soft and pretty and glamourous....

What about painting the tables beside your bed gray? If you want them to blend in with the wallpaper, go with a nice soft light gray. A charcoal gray would stand out more and nicely compliment the wallpaper and your white bed linens. Another option would be to cover them with silver leaf.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your bedroom :-)

Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

Annie said...

Are you planning on a white bedroom? how amazing would that be, but hard to keep clean with the babies, right Mrs B! Annie


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