Friday, January 30, 2009

Dare I begin to plan the garden?

All pictures from...Secret gardens of Sydney

Tradesmen are working on our house again today. It really gives me hope that one day our house will be finished and we will be living in our 'dream home' YAY!!!! So.....dare I even think about our landscaping and all the wonderful ideas I have? In our contract, our lovely builder is doing basic landscaping, what this means I am not too sure but we will talk about it together and work out something. What I need is a small front garden, side courtyard and back garden that backs out onto the park (on show to people walking by) My garden will be all Australian Natives except maybe for one or two feature plantings. I love water features and feature sculptures or urns. At least with gardens you can let them evolve and often the climate and soil conditions dictates what grows best.

I love the way they have made the bowl a focal point and also the thick plantings on the side of the courtyard.
White pebbles and copper tone pots...really nice!

Another feature for a courtyard...something for me to think about!

I love the lighting at night and the orange walls.

The long planter box is exactly what I would like for my courtyard. Extra seating for when I have all my friends over!
Mrs B


A-M said...

Oh it's definitely not too soon to start garden scheming. I have a little digger coming in over the next few weeks to start on our upper lawn area. He has to come in through the neighbours yard and down over a retaining wall... going to be interesting. I love all the images you have shown, your garden will be so serene with a water feature. A-M xx

Design Ties said...

Thanks for adding our blog to your list, Mrs. B :-)

You and your family are definitely building a wonderful home! I love the clean lines, finishes and colours you're using. And these garden inspiration pics... if you can get your gardens to look even half as lovely as the gardens in the pics you've shared, I know you're going to love it! My husband and I have some major landscaping to do in our front & back yards and will get started this spring. Our biggest challenge will be the new retaining wall and stairs we'll be building... surrounded by lovely garden plantings of course! Problem... I'm not great at keeping things green! Yikes! My blog partner - Kelly - however is great. I'm sure she'll be posting lots of stuff about her gardens come spring.


Lee said...

Absolutely love what you're creating with your new home! Whilst I imagine it's stressful at times, I'm sure it must be great fun creating something like this from scratch. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen, and those glossy green doors look like a wonderful feature.

Great to come across another Melbourne blogger who loves interior design.

Mrs B said...

Hi A-M it's kind of strange that I can be very definite to what I like inside a house but once outside, I am a bit clueless! I love all the pictures in my blog, especially the white feature bowl. There is something quite serene and calming about that water feature. I can't wait to see your digger coming over a retaining wall...make sure you take plenty of pics that day! You must be so excited at the moment with all the progress happening on your build...Yipppeeeee!

Hi Design Ties... Can I say Thank You as well for adding mine! When I first starting blogging it felt like there was no one out there and I was just talking to myself hehe. I am definitely looking forward to seeing landscaping pictures in your blog. I am also terrible at keeping plants healthy and green but my husband is pretty good with the garden.

Hi Lee...Thankyou for your lovely comments! You are right, I am having so much fun in creating a family home that has been designed and decorated just for us. I also cannot wait to see my finished kitchen...the hardest aspect of the whole house but I think it is going to be fabulous (fingers crossed) and it is exactly how I imagined it in my mind. The good news is, the top cupboards are being hassle at all.
Mrs B

Kek said...

Just the kind of gardens I love! Lush, but simple, with striking focal points.

I can't wait to have the basics done and sit back and watch everything grow.

sunhapol said...

Beautiful garden photos. Those garden are simple but very striking and beautiful. It creates focal point to your outdoors.



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