Monday, January 26, 2009

Balcony and Garage Door

Our balconies front and back have now been installed...Yippeeeeee! Actually, when I think about it, any work that gets done we are excited about as it brings us closer to moving in. I love my garage door colour now, it changes colour with the sun. You can also see the balcony glass that has just been installed.
The long strip that goes across the glass is actually a sandblasted effect to give the house an interesting feature.

This picture is of a Liquid Limestone driveway. I love both the look and pattern and I would like it for my driveway. The problem is I don't think it a common product used in Victoria and have no idea how much it costs or if my builder will do it. We are supposed to have aggregate concrete but I'm not too keen on the rough texture. More pictures to come of the back balcony...
Mrs B


braveheart said...

Mrs B, I love love love your garage door - is that a chocolate colour? it is a unique and rich colour. I am glad things are happening for you and you must be so excited to be closer to completion. How did the antique white usa interior turn out? I look forward to more photos.

Mrs B said...

Hi braveheart
Good to hear from you and I hope you are just about to move in or have already moved in! The USA antique white is just the most beautiful colour and I am thrilled with the way the house looks in different times of the day. The garage door was a special colour but already have forgotten what it has this nice shimmer to it. When I first saw it I thought OMG mission brown! but really nothing like it (I hope LOL)
Mrs B

A-M said...

Fabulous garage door... and love the limestone driveway you love too... fabulous taste! A-M xx

nygatesus said...

I really like this door design it look so great and elegant.

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