Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Just some (honest) rambling thoughts on a hot day to share.....

Has anybody out there ever doubted theme selves during their house build? I am not exactly having a panic attack and really this should be such a happy day, but I am starting to doubt my selections that I made for my house. A wonderful surprise today...some of my cabinetry was in for the kitchens and bathrooms: the beautiful walnut cabinets as well as my feature overhead cabinets in the kitchen. I don't know if I like the particular walnut veneer I picked and worst still, the overheads cabinets are too high and I will not easily be able to reach all my stuff. I also have doubts about my tiles, balcony glass, garage door, lights placed wrongly.....all my fault and I don't know why I am being so picky! Maybe I should have just played it safe, but I think I am seeing things half finished therefore only focus what hasn't been done. I know I should be grateful that every day we have tradies working on our house but when you are already 4 months over the due date, it doesn't put you in a good frame of mind.
The kitchen already looks stunning and is taking shape exactly the way I envisioned. I am concerned however, that the cabinets are too high, but I suppose I will deal with this issue if needed. Question...Is it okay to have just a little step to use if needed to reach objects in the back corner of overheads? The problem started with the kitchen window as this dictated how high the overheads would be....I must get a photo so you can see what I mean. Anyway...I hope all my selections work together but gosh it is hard work when you try and be different when using splashes of colour...I can understand why homeowners go for safe colours and not bright green doors like what I did LOL
Mrs B


Kek said...

My overheads are too high as well, so I keep a small step in the pantry, and a step ladder tucked away next to the fridge as well. I figure the minor inconvenience is better than not having enough storage.

I was freaking out about my wall colours too, and had a few maybe I should have gone for beige thoughts. But so far, it's all worked out fine. Lots to do still. :o)

I'm sure your house will be stunning. It's a very stressful business, building.

Kristy said...

I am freaking out about my colour selections too. I keep thinking I should of gone for a different colour, but I keep telling myself it should be ok. My biggest problem at the time is my settlement... It was meant to happen today, bu we have hit snags... I'm a little worried

braveheart said...

Mrs B,I think you can never go wrong with a combination of white and woodgrain in the kitchen - it will turnout stunning particularly with a red splashback. However, you are not alone about doubting your choices, I have been agonising about my kitchen colours that I have ended up changing the benchtop to ceasarstone Nougat and considering painting the overhead cupboards and microwave tower 2 pac wattyl donkey (grey-brown) colour). I think I have too much woodgrain and the kitchen looks too dull. Regarding completion of our house, nothing has been done since December - we are probably looking at end of Feb or beginning of March - very depressing. I am glad there is progress on your house and look foward to more photos.

A-M said...

As my build has taken so long (have had the block of land for 4 years in June) you can imagine my decision 'turnarounds'. I am constantly doubting, especially now when 'crunch' time has come. I have been agonizing over my tile selection as I am attempting a 'timeless' look that hopefully wont ever date. Is that concept ever true about any house? Everything dates so I am fighting a losing battle! I have now pulled out of my Great Room cabinetry plans as I want to see how the room looks before we do anything. Ahhh! You are not alone! A-M xx

Mrs B said...

Hi kek and kristy...glad to know I am not the only one who questions their selections. I think I should just wait until everything is finished before I have a 'meltdown' hehe...everything will work out in the end.

Hi A-M...Wow! Four years is a long time to be waiting. You are right when you said eventually everything will date...tiles especially! My builder warned me that once you have made a tile selection, never go into another tile shop as you will always see something new! Well, I half listened to his advice, changed my tiles 8 months later but at the same shop.

Hi braveheart...how disappointing for you! No work since December is terrible, that was our situation last year...actually for the whole year. It has only been this last month that we have had a 'normal' house build meaning progress each week. This is the first time it has happened. I thought you would be in your beautiful home by now as there didn’t seem much to do. I hope your builder gets his act together grrrrrrr
Mrs B

Annie said...

I've doubted some of my selections, and we only just signed the contracts!



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