Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The tiles look just beautiful...

Back to my tile disaster! I met the builder on site today to have a look at the tiles. The tilers were not there working on the house but we are used to that by now. I went to the ensuite to look at the tiles they had laid and much to my relief, they looked stunning! exactly how I had imagined them to be. Each tile is unique in colour and pattern, just the way I wanted it. My builder was relieved and so was I. I told him to hurry up and call the tilers back so they can start working on the house. I dont think we will see them again till next week now, as they have gone onto other jobs they have. Photos.....would you believe I took my camera and forgot to take a photo

Mrs B


Michelle Stokes said...

So you don’t need new tiles???
That’s great, I thought they looked ok, I couldn’t see that they would be a problem.

So happy for you Sue!


Sophie said...

Your tiles sound wonderful - I can't wait to see photos!! ;)

kexkez said...

I just wanted to say I love the look of your pretty mosaic tiles. Since I'm posting this after you've added some new pics. Nice laundry I must say. What are those dark things in the shelving sections in the wall shelf?

I am very envious of your huge laundry space. :)
I think you are incredibly patient.

Mrs B said...

Hi Sophie, Michelle and Kexkez,
I have just worked out how to post replies, takes me a while to find all the features on this blog format.
Kexkez, the boxes are the blum hardware for soft closing doors. I dont like it when they slam shut. As for the mosaics in the picture, the ones that were ordered are slightly different but will still look just as pretty I hope.


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