Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tiles cont....

I'm back again and noticed that I haven't posted for quite a while. Also, very excited that I now have 3 followers of my blog Michelle, kexkez and Stormy.... hi girls!!! Still trying to find my way around the blog settings so hopefully I can add alot more interesting features to my page.
Back to my house...yesterday DH went by the house first time in a week. We are both very disheartened through lack of progress but as we have invested our life savings into this property, we still have to care, ring the builder to make sure he knows we still exist. I never thought building a house would be this difficult and frustrating. Anyway, a miracle did happen and the tilers finally showed up and managed to tile all the floors of the bathrooms, balcony and laundry. For the first time I did not even go and have a look which is really so unfair because I should be excited and thrilled but when you have suffered so much disappointment, it really becomes hard to be motivated enough to even care.
This morning I had to drop the grout colours off at the house and curiosity to hold of me so in I went to have a look. The laundry tiles floor and wall were just laundry is coming together as I have spent a great deal of time and effort in both design and colours. Despite my initial negativity, I just loved it! So feeling a little better, I ventured to look at the powder room tiles, these beautiful rich caramel tiles, and I was blown away how much I loved them also. Finally, I could see my selections I had agonised over come together...lifted my spirit a bit. Went upstairs and the beautiful bathroom tiles had been laid on the floor...just exactly how I had imagined. The sun was streaming through the house, windows had been fixed (after 10 months) and the site cleaned. Made me feel a little bit better but we had been down this road before...some work to keep us happy then nothing for weeks, so it left me wondering when all the walls were going to be completed...this is a big job so I hope it gets done before Christmas. The house is suppose to be painted as well before the break but as usual, there will be the normal held up and we wont see any tradesman again till Feb next year.
I will take pictures of the house as it looks now tonight if there is anybody there to let us in. Before I go, it is also important to acknowledge that the quality of the work has never been in question, everything has been fantastic which I am always grateful for towards our builder. He is also a wonderful guy who we still get along really well with and the best part...he always answers his phone when we call him. There are many positives about the builder we chose it is just so unfortunate that we did not even get close to being in for Christmas. This alone has upset me greatly. On a final positive note, we will have a simply beautiful home once it is finished, that I have never doubted. I just cant wait to decorate it the way I have envisioned...after all, this is what my blog is suppose to be about.

Mrs B

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