Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are we going to get painted?

Its that time of year...Christmas. Good news for the majority of people but for someone like me trying to build a home, a very frustrating time. Last Christmas we had a frame but then there was a 2 month delay for all the steel work that needed to go in for structure support. Over the Christmas break, factories close down and the majority of tradies take their much earned annual holiday. So now, 3 days before Christmas I am left wondering if the painters are going to paint our house....I am meeting my curtain lady down at the house this morning so it will be interesting to see if the 'promised team of 10 painters' will be there preping and putting up the plastic around our window . At first I was horrified that the first coat was going to be sprayed on but our builder reassured as that techniques have changed and it gives the best finish possible. The second coat is rolled on which made me feel slightly better. I am going for a all white house just for now. I selected Antique White USA for my main flow colour. All trims and ceiling is the same but the doors are currently being sprayed in a gloss finish. They had to be taken away for this to be done.

As I will have a white house (never thought I would but it seems to suit a modern interior) I decided to go bold in other areas to give it that 'wow' factor. The wardrobe doors in my boys rooms are going to be green. My oldest son was adamant he didn't want a feature wall as he liked the idea of a white room. Surprisingly, he didn't mind the doors a different colour. Definitely not every one has warmed to the idea but does it really matter? Isn't a home meant to have the owners personality?

So the question is...Will my house be painted before Christmas?


braveheart said...

You will love Antique White USA - we have it in our house as a flow colour and I love it. It has turned out more whiter and fresher than I thought. It is a shame that everything has come to a standstill at the moment now that the tradies are on holidays - I suppose we are left with no choice but wait and hope that come January things will move a lot faster than in the past.

Mrs B said...

Hi Braveheart

I agree...nothing to do but to wait! This is our second christmas we have gone through for this housebuild, I think 3 months has been added onto our build because of christmas. To say I am not happy with the progress would be an understatement! Hope you are in soon, looking forward to your photos so much!

Mrs B


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