Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beginning to paint...

First picture is the entrance of my walk in shower. Walls have been grouted but not the floors in this bathroom. second picture is a glimpse of the boys bathroom. To me it looks so calm and serene.
As you can see, the painters have put strips of brown paper everywhere. These pictures you can see a nice wide hallway. On the right hand wall will be my children's art gallery. I have collected some beautiful artwork they have done at school and intend to hang their pictures in white frames.

Just came back from the house and was very happy to see two of the workers preparing the house to be painted. Plastic sheets cover all the windows and sheets of brown paper underneath all the architraves. The head painter was there and he told us it will be painted on Wednesday (Christmas eve) talking about leaving things to the last minute but as long as it is done I don't really mind. Hopefully I will be able to take some more pictures after it has been will look more like a home not a building site!

Mrs B

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