Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The two pictures you see are my powder room. I will wait and see before I comment on the stone mosaics...sometimes, it is best to see everything in a room because at the moment I just focus on the mess and the fact is its not completed up top (ran out of tiles)
Its interesting starting a blog as just the little things give me such a thrill. I noticed that I have now 6 followers and am rather thrilled that people have an interest in my pictures and ramblings about my house. Thank you to my 3 new followers..Allan, Sophie and Gong 1959.
On another note, you may notice as you read my blog that sometimes my written desciption doesn't match the picture it is next to. I am still finding my way around here so for a while my blog entries may be in random order hehe
Mrs B


Kek said...

I'm loving the tiles! And the view... :o)

Mrs B said...

Thanks Kek.The tiling has so far taken a week when the tilers had expected only 3 days. I dont mind, as long as it is done properly. I am now slightly concerned that it wont be painted before christmas and of course that has a flow on effect for everything else. Oh well, nothing we can do but remain positive.

Mrs B

braveheart said...

I think you will be able to see the effect of the tiles once they are finished, grouted and cleaned. I initially doubted the look of my 600 x 300 tiles and feature tiles in the ensuite but now that they are completed I love them.

Mrs B said...

Thanks Braveheart,
I do love the tiles but the mess gets in the way and I then become annoyed at seeing all the other debris(rubbish) lying around. Maybe I should just return in a few months when everything is done and cleaned...nows where that magic wand hehe


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