Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kate Spade inspired birthday party Part 1

It is now 2014 and here I am back again, posting on my blog (after a 2 year break). I had to clean up some of the comments so my apologies if I deleted my fellow blogger friends who are not spammers! I thought I would share some new photos of a party I have just had. It took me 4 months of planning, heaps of time on etsy and pin interest to pull it all together.
I wanted a Kate Spade theme as I am crazy about all things Kate Spade. I must say I am terribly excited to visit the shop when it opens in Melbourne, very soon I hope.

So here we go...this will take a few posts to show you some photos.

My hallway with the champagne drinks table set up for when guests arrive. The big balloons I had to get overseas. The pink and gold love hearts were made by a very dear friend of mine.

Closer look at the drinks table.

Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table'
Every champagne flute had this card attached and as guests walked in, I wrote their name on the card.

Below....Coffee table with flowers and cheese board...Part 2 to come shortly.
Mrs B xox


stormygirl said...

So beautiful Mrs B! Was it your special birthday? Looking forward to seeing more :)

Mrs B said...

Hi Stormy
Yes it was a BIG number birthday haha I am putting many more photos on my blog but it has been so long I just have to relearn everything. I desperately need my blog updated I think!
Mrs B xox


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