Friday, June 22, 2012

Hall Art Work

Mrs B 's Hall Way

I love my passage way. It is wide, spacious and a sense of welcome when you walk into the house. We have a bulk head that runs down the center. This art work is new and made by Mr B...gotta love arty people in the family who can make things like frames! if you haven't already guessed, the material is from IKEA and total cost $4.95. Mr B already had wood to make the frame so all he had to do was to add backing and stretch the fabric over it. It is massive and makes me smile every time I walk by. If we need to change it, very easy to buy some more fabric and instant artwork on your wall. This is just so effective and covers big, wide walls that are hard to fill.
Gees it feels good blogging again. Please come back and visit, so many updates to fill you in on.

Mrs B xxx

1 comment:

stormygirl said...

Welcome back, Mrs B!! Great to see you posting about your beautiful home again. Love the artwork, and love IKEA!


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