Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cupcakes, flowers and pretty things

At the moment, I am fascinated with pictures of cupcakes and party tables filled with flowers and cakes. It is becoming quite a trend of setting a party table filled with glassware of lollies and cakestands with home made cakes piled on top. The other night, I made Mr B detour on the way home to go past this shop I had  noticed the other day. It was a beautiful party shop, filled with glass trinklets, jars, lamps, chandeliers and birdcages...all props for a party. I stood outside in the freezing cold, gazing at all the beautiful tables they had set up on display. Now I'm thinking I can do this myself as I has a lot of those items at home. So I am thinking to myself, every time I have friends over, I will practise my table decorating on them.
All these pictures are from parties I have attended and the little details that made the tables so beautiful. The flowers are from my great niece's christening (gee that makes me feel old) my son's 18th birthday (cake was made by my bestie) and my nieces's baby shower.

Mrs B xxx

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B is building a house said...

I must know what those pretty yellow cakes with strawberries on top are!!! Yum!!!



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