Sunday, August 21, 2011

Matlida's Market

Cute little bottles from Matilda's Market

Today I went to Matilda's Market at the Hawthorn Townhall. I really had no idea what stall holders would be there as I read about it briefly on  beautiful  A-M's blog and thought to myself Off to Market Again...Yippee! And of course, I met up with A-M again and I think we didnt stop talking, admiring and gooing over the most exquisite homemade baby items under one roof. I was also very fortunate in meeting A-M's friend Rachael who just happens to be the  organiser  of the whole Matilda's Market. To be in the company of such very talented women just makes my Sunday morning perfect!!!! 
I bought these 6 little gorgeous bottles for my kitchen shelf and both A-M and Rachael told me the best flowers to put in them are the 'weedy' type you would find in your garden. I would like to put herbs in them I think but these stems from a native bush we have look just as pretty. Oh...when Mr B saw the bottles, he immediately went to the local Italian supermarket and bought me the same 6 little bottles with the orange nectar in them. Now I have 12 and intend to use them for my childrens parties next week!

So, who watched The Block last night? Later I will post my impressions about the end result. All I can say that Amie and Katrina, you have both been wonderful throughout the whole series...good things come to good people. Keep Strong, lots of hugs and kisses!
Mrs B xx


Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Pretty bottles :-) And so cool that you met up with A-M at the Market :-)

I watched the final episode of The Block this afternoon. After watching the renos for 8 weeks, the finale was a real let-down. I love Polly & Waz and I'm happy that they won, but how disappointing that their house is the only one that met the reserve. I liked Tania & Rod's house best, and was really surprised they didn't win. Not a Josh & Jenna fan, but did feel kind of bad for them that their house got next to no bids. I hope Amie is feeling better about the experience and doesn't really think it was all for nothing. They did something pretty amazing, made new friends, and had a really unique experience.

Just my 2 cents :-)

stormygirl said...

Gorgeous bottles, Mrs B! I would have loved to have gone to the market, but it was my Daughters 10th Birthday, and I had a house to clean and party to organise! Would have been lovely to catch up again!

As for The Block, I felt sooo sorry for KandA. After all that they sacrificed to be on the show and to come home with nothing really broke my heart. I wish them every success for the furute, and that something comes out of The Block for them.

Hope to catch up with you at the next Boutique Market!!


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