Monday, August 22, 2011

Giveaway time at Decorating Emporium

 Elements and Julie Anne have just started a new store known as Decorating Emporium. To launch this exciting concept, they have an amazing giveaway this week so take a look at what they have on special! See that gorgeous blue links cushions in the picture...I have my eyes firmly set on that!

When making a comment to enter, please tell them you found this shop through Mrs B! Its just nice to know how far good news travel.

Happy Shopping everybody!

Mrs B xxo


kexkez said...

Hehe. More cushions Mrs. B? Shhh hope Mr. B isn't reading then. Nice to see you posting again.

Taylor W. said...

Hi Mrs.B,

I find your blog post really interesting. I like your sense of taste in interior design. I'd like to contact you further - please e-mail me at

Best Regards,

Taylor Wilson

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Joseph said...

The whole house is a sort of understated elegance and the views are Breathtaking!!thanks for sharing

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reginag said...

My dream place. I wonder when can i have it.

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London Building Contractors said...

Hey I like you cushions designs, give me some more.

carl can said...

Sounds very interesting! I will check this out! krk realty

charlesalvarez23 said...

This can be my dream house. I like your post and I find it wonderful. You did a good job. thank you and keep posting.

Charles A

Real Estate Philippines said...
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