Saturday, July 9, 2011

To Market!

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Every now and then, there are moments in your life that may either inspire, motivate or just give you immense pleasure...this morning was one of them. Today I went to the Boutique Market at Hawthorn Town Hall. I was actually between two minds as to should I go, but I really wanted to meet a blogger friend of mine who I have followed her build and life every step of the way for the last 3 years...A-M ( The House that A-M built) I casually mentioned on her blog that I will be there and so I thought to myself I will just say a quick hello, introduce myself then go for a wander around the stalls. Little did I know, A-M had actually told the girls at the entrance to keep a look out for me so as soon as I came in, I was introduced to the person who singularly inspired me to blog about my own house build. To try and describe how gorgeous A-M is in every possible way would do her a great injustice. I have never met such a lively, warm, vivacious and generous lady as I met today. We chatted for at least 30 mins and to say I both think we didn't take a breath between all our topics would be an understatement! We spoke about our blogs, staircases, other bloggers, our boys and of the course The Block!!!

A-M introduced me to some other stall owners whose blogs I also read. I met the girls from Mondocherry and their shop is simply divine. In the picture above is actually a material picture, stitched and beaded all by hand that I bought from their shop. They also have these stunning butterfly pictures, all hand sewn. I only wish I had more time to linger, touch and feel everything!

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I also bought this lovely yellow print from Sweet William. I told the girls I was chatting to that 'Yellow was in" and although I bought it more for my boys area, it just looks perfect next to my green bedroom cushions that I bought from Etsy. I can feel my style coming through slowly...its taking a while but well worth the wait. Sweet William have also these gorgeous prints that you will not find in shops. Once again, I could have bought so many pictures but you have got to frame them all!

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At the Boutique Market, I caught up with my other special blogger friend Stormy from Stormy's Castle. She is also a very talented creative girl and creates the most amazing artwork (you can see on her blog) It was just one of the mornings that was very inspiring and I feel the decorating bug is coming back after a year of not really doing anything.
On a final note, The Block was also a topic of conversation and we are all cheering on Katrina and Amie! These two girls are amazing and I know their house will be stunning at the end...Go Girls!

Mrs B xxxooo


stormygirl said...

You're so gorgeous Mrs B! It was lovely to catch up with you again! I so totally agree that this morning's venture was inspiring! All the store holders do the most amazing work and put all their heart and soul into it, they're all amazing people! I can't wait for the October one! Lovely to see you again, only wish it was for longer. I could talk about blogging, decorating, Melbourne and The Block for hours!

Annie@A View On Design said...

spewin I missed it, perhaps the oct one stormy mentioned!

A-M said...

Mrs B, it was so lovely to meet you! Finally! Thank you for your kind words!

It's a date, next time I am in Melbourne (in a few weeks time).... you, me and Stormy... coffee somewhere quaint... which won't be hard as everywhere is fabulous in Melbourne. A-M xx


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