Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So who wants to rent a beach house....

A beach view from our front window

Life changes.

After many sleepless nights, it has come time to acknowledge that we have to do something about my parent's beloved beachfront 'shack' (shack sounds soooooo much more romantic than house) so we have decided to rent it out for the first time ever. As you will see from just a few photos I dared to put on my blog for now that nothing has changed since it was built in the 60's. It will not be a holiday rental but a permanent rental for somebody who wants to live on the roads, just walk to the beach outside the front door.

What would I love to do....

This is what I would love to do haha! Just imagine sitting in this room, surrounded by all these beautiful colours right on the beach front. Sadly, not for this little house as it is purely a rental property that needs to bring in income and be rented asap. We met with the agents a few days ago and they told us what needed to be done on the inside and out. Their advise was not to do any thing that wasn't urgent as it will not bring us any more rent. I find this concept really difficult as I want to 'pretty the interior' and put in new things that will make the renters happy. This is not how to approach a rental property apparently. Oh least I am allowed to paint it in a colour I like.

Our little beach shack

Open living...most houses along the beach don't have front fences. The original concept was for all the kids to play together. We do however need to put up a side fence just to have some privacy from the neighbour. I wonder how they are going to react when they get the fencing notice as the do love to 'spread out' when they come up.

Oh! see those 2 trees in the background...they are in our property and have to come down. The root systems have not only got into the sewage but has made our driveway almost impossible to drive on. Problems, problems, problems. Thank goodness Mr B has taken over as property supervisor and meeting with all the tree cutters, plumbers, painters etc etc All too much for me and to think I watch all the reno shows. I will stay home and watch the kids I think. My idea of renovating is picking pretty colours and going on shopping expeditions LOL

One scary picture coming up.......

The 1964 interior!

This is a before shot....of course you knew that. the agents said not to change a thing, just a good scrub and to change the stove to a new one. A bit of paint, new appliance , nice roman blind and a floating shelf on the left hand wall (we already have one...bonus!) and hopefully this kitchen will look sweet for a beach shack. By the way...have a look at what Michelle has done with her kitchen on a shoestring budget.

Before Shot...image via De Novo Concepts

After Shot...via De Novo Concepts

This is what I am going to do!....A bit of paint can transform a Kitchen immediately.
Hope you enjoyed my rambling beach shack post...updates in the next few weeks as this project needs to be completed immediately.
Mrs B


De Novo Concepts said...

Thanks Mrs B…nice to know I have given you inspiration!

Hey…at leat you have a white bench top, any colour will go with that.
I had to be more selective with what colour I painted my cupboards.

I am more than happy to send you my lovely YELLOW top!! LOL
Nah…then I wouldn’t have anything to laugh at every day.

Don’t forget…if you need anything, just email me. XX

Annie@A View On Design said...

oh wow, a beach house fixer uperer! I'm soooo jealous. We are about to buy land in Torquay and build a holiday home there, we intend to holiday let it most of the year...

as for michelle's kitchen, I'm sorry, but with that yellow benchtop, it could have gold plated handles and I'd still say it's a before shot! I'm sure when she replaces the benchtop tho, it will look great, I love her resort style.

De Novo Concepts said...

I’m sure when I replace my top and do a full kitchen replacement; it will be MORE than great,
and something a little out of the ordinary like most kitchens!


cooooooooooool blog
amazing tips and techniques
good work

atayala said...
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Ayla said...

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Margery said...


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paula said...
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Mark Joshua Santos said...

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