Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little things that make me happy in my home.

I have not blogged for ages! All my good intentions have gone down the drain but still I am here, reading all my favourite blogs and adding several more to my list. One of my dreams, as stated already on my blog is to get my home in a Home magazine. How funny that people dream of winning the lottery, getting a movie role, becoming a famous sports star but my dream as silly as it may be, is to have my house in a magazine.
There is nothing more I love than reading when a fellow blogger actually achieves this dream. I feel so excited for them and just want to know everything. I know A-M had a photo shoot recently and she compared it to like getting married again....I feel exactly the same way LOL
However, I have such a long way to go as the house is fairly empty so not much to take pics of except for white walls and a nice kitchen. Still, this is my dream and slowly I am adding small bits to the house that really just make me smile and happy...after all, that is what its really about! what do I love at the darling little boys room of course! I added a really nice wall decal to my son's room and with minimal $$'s it really makes his entrance so cute.

Wall decal for my son's room.

So what else makes me happy when I walk into a ensuite! I have set up all my beautiful soaps from MOR and the smell just is gorgeous. I love looking at this small space in my home and yes, it is always kept this neat and clean. Its like a retreat for me, somewhere I can escape and take a breather for a minute. With 3 boys, a girl needs somewhere to hide and be girly!

Last of all, my bedroom. Just a simple crisp white cover and the doors open to allow the breeze in. It is also a lovely retreat. This bedroom will also be the first room to be transformed as on Wednesday I am selecting the wallpaper for the back wall. Everything takes time and I am not rushing out to buy any furniture until I see something that I love.

So nothing has changed much, just waiting for the rooms to be transformed into how I had always imagined them to be. At least I am having fun just dreaming.....
Mrs B


Katrina Chambers said...

So happy to see you! I am loving the new touches you have added. I think your home will def be in a mag one day, that's for sure. Good on you for working towards this! xx

A-M said...

Oh Mrs B, you will achieve your dream. Your little boys room is gorgeous (love the decal) and your bathroom is a dream. I too adore Mor soaps! There is quote by Goethe that I have hanging above my desk that goes like this: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
You have begun. A-M xx

Annie@A View On Design said...

yes I love the decals out there atm, can't wait to see what you do next with your stunna home! XX HUG HUG

Walls That Talk said...

I have given you two awards on my blog. Check it out here:

DesignTies said...

I have the exact same dream, to have my house or a room in my house published in a home decor magazine. So of course, I don't think it's a silly dream at all!! :-)

We just finished our kitchen makeover (come by and check it out!!), and I'm working on the laundry room and dining room. Maybe one of them will be magazine-worthy :-)

Love what you did in your son's bedroom. The owl decal is adorable!! And your ensuite looks fantastic :-)

I'm sure you'll achieve your dream one day soon -- your house is fabulous!!


De Novo Concepts said...

Good to see you blogging again!
I drop by every now and again to see what’s new…… :)

Have fun Mrs B…XX

Kek said...

It all takes time to put together, Mrs B, but I love what you've done so far.

I'm plodding along very slowly too. If only cash was as plentiful as ideas. ;o)


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