Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...So What Have I Done?

Happy New Year to everybody! Like many other people in blogland, I also cannot make new year resolutions as I never stick to them. I would like to think one of my ' must do's' this year is to blog more often and comment and other people's blogs but somehow I just feel dried up with ideas at the moment. There are so many brilliant blogs out there with the most inspirational pictures so this keeps me going and inspired.
So what have I done to my house....not much haha!!!!!! It sounds very cliche but it really does takes time and patience when it comes to making a house a home. My news however, is I have found the wallpaper I love (particularly the price) from Laura Ashley. Strange I have gone for a more traditional look in a very contemporary home, but some of their wallpapers are just so beautiful...perfect for the areas I need them for. A consultant is suppose to come to my house in the next week (for $50) and help me with co-ordinating a few things like the curtains and wallpaper. What I like about this is the fact I can just takes my time in ordering the products. I will let you know what I have selected.
What has been done in the last month is really just some final touches of must haves before the real decorating begins...Last area of landscaping, blinds for upstairs and a few floating shelves for my son's room. The boys rooms are starting to take shape as they live in them and I can work out what they like and really don't like. They both have very strong primary and red and my little boy, more softer colours like pale blue. The pictures below will give you an idea of what direction I am heading but much more to add, it just takes time to evolve.

So, onto the pictures....

Roman Blinds for the stairwell.

You may remember I had these ideas to have a vibrant print for the blind at the top of the stairs...this is it without the lovely print I wanted. Still looks really nice but to have it in the fabric I had my heart set on was going to be a very costly and time consuming exercise and I had to get something asap as this is where the summer sun rises every morning and the heat was becoming unbearable. Still, it is very beautiful and have had lots of nice comments about the fabric and colour.

New blinds for the upstairs lounge room
At last, our new blinds for the upstairs area. The colour is just so lovely and really compliments the lounge. Also, I learnt my lesson from the downstairs blinds and made sure that the 3 blinds all pull up together at the same they always look even.

TThis picture is with the blinds closed. Oh, yes, the cushion is off center but I couldn't be bothered to take another pic with it straightened!

Son's bedroom
The colours I have selected all work really well together ...I really like the reds and greens and really gives the kids room a contemporary feel without making the bedrooms feel 'babyish' As of yet, they haven't asked for black yet or to stick 'death eater' posters every where (I shiver with horror at the thought!) I must admit, I feel very lucky that I am allowed to decorate my kids rooms without any input from them...such bliss to have it all my way. Will it always be like this?

Red floating shelves from IKEA
Yes another dreaded trip to the 'Carpark from Hell' at IKEA. Melbourne people will know exactly what I mean by this! They have the audacity to charge you parking at IKEA but only have one boom gate to get in and one to get out off. Needless to say the traffic congestion it causes has to be seen. Who ever designed this madness should seriously look at another job. Anyway beside all that, we bought the floating shelves and they look great in our son's room. Still a little way to go before the room is complete, some more red storage furniture, colourful mats and maybe a wall decal. I also want to get some pictures of New York enlarged for our son's room...this will just complete the whole look.

Before Shot...Front garden just planted back in April

After Shot...Garden in December
Just a few landscaping pics, the garden is slowly coming along. Some days I don't think anything has grown at all until I look at the before and after shots. The front garden is developing but still struggling to find a tree specimen tree that can take the winds and extreme temperatures that we have. At the moment we have 3 silver birches and are struggling but still alive. Our beautiful silver princess did not survive even though it was an Australian Native.
Front Garden

Fake Grass
The last area of our landscaping now completed. This was a very difficult area to decide what to do with but with much deliberation and research, top quality fake grass was the way to go. It sounds crazy that in a beautiful country like Australia that many people are putting down fake grass but we have a water crises and cannot water lawns at all...indefinitely
Anyway, either hate it or love it, here it is a suits this area for what we need it for.

Along the fence line we are planting small trees...not sure just yet but a variety to grows up and not out.

A view from the porch area.

Mrs B


Annie@A View On Design said...

well I do love to hear about your travels Mrs B! I know what you mean about IKEA, do you want to know my secret!!! It's open till 9pm weeknights, so guess who heads down there about 7pm Mon or Tues nites! That's right, I do.... no cues, very fast to organise, pick up - have delivered or whatever - def try that one (even buying dinner there only takes a couple of minutes!)

The boys rooms are gorgeous - I love your colour selections, I know what you mean about the lime, I put that on a feature wall in my kids playroom - so fantastic, I then painted it on the alfresco ceiling outside their room, the area moves nicely - I love it! Mod but classic, hard to explain isn't it!

Blinds look great, and I think that white chair is fabulous!! even with the crooked cushion! hehe

AND I can understand your comment re: time taken to finish things, it's a bloody nuisance actually!

Good luck with the wallpaper, I used it quite a bit in my home here so I'll be excited to see what you choose - I love your taste!

CurtainsMadeSimple said...

It seems Australia also has the same love hate relationship with Ikea that people have in the UK. Great products but lousy customer service!

Charging for car parking that's a new one!

I have 3 sons and if your children are anything like mine you will have your work cut out keeping the uber modern look going.

We got frustrated trying to buy the curtains and roman blinds we wanted and as a result started this new website Curtains Made Simple. Uniquely for the UK customers can send in their own curtain fabric.

Good luck with your house in the coming year.

Brillante Home Decor said...

Congratulations on the great progress in your beautiful house. Happy New Year!

Renee and Tom said...

Hi Mrs B!
Just stumbled onto your blog, its really inspiring. We're in the process of picking finishes for our new home build and was wondering how you find having a sink in the island bench? Is it hard to keep the dishes tidy? Also, would you put a window in a butler's pantry? Thanks.

Mrs B said...

Thankyou for all your comments! Its really what keeps me going and knowing there are still bloggers out there who come to my blog even though I havent been posting of late.

Hi Renee and Tom
The island kitchen sink I find perfect for our type of life style and couldnt imagine it any where else. I like the way it faces the family room so washing up and preparing food is very easy as you dont have your back to people. The water splashing has never been an issue surprisingly.
The window in the butlers pantry is also wonderful...I love natural light in every room and is also good for ventilation as this is where our microwave is placed.
mrs B

Kek said...

Mrs B, it's a shame when you have to compromise, but your blind in the stairwell looks lovely anyway.

The garden has grown so well!

DesignTies said...

I'm guessing that Ikeas all around the world are insane. We have one in Ottawa, and the place is a madhouse 99% of the time. No paid parking here, though, so that's one good thing!!

I love that view of the water out your windows. You're so lucky!!

Your house is coming along nicely :-) And I love your gardens, even the fake grass -- it really is a the perfect solution for a small outdoor space.

As you said, just take your time and get a feel for what you want to do in each room :-)


Monica Hiliri said...

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