Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pictures that inspire...Part 1

I want to start a series of posts highlighting certain elements in decorating that best represents my own personal style. Up until last night, I never really knew what my style was for this house. I know what I like, what colours look good together but really it was beginning to difficult for me to visualise how I was going to decorate the whole house for all rooms to have some unity.

Whilst browsing through all my blogs, a comment by Patricia Gray caught my attention and as Oprah would say...I had one of those light bulb moments.

In an interview she did recently on All The Best by Ronda Carman Patricia was asked to describe her design style...this was her answer

I like furniture to have good lines, rooms to have 'good' bones, juxtaposition with good antiques and art work with modern design.

This is my design style. It wasn't until I saw it actually written down in words that it all clicked. I love my antiques but I equally love modern art and contemporary design...I was somewhat torn between the two but it all can work together now.

There are literally hundreds of pictures I could use for this post. Strangely, I knew exactly which pictures best represent my ideas that I have for certain parts of my house.

I will start with two designers who have had a great influence on the direction I will be taking. Each picture has a certain element in it that I absolutely love! No way will I (or even able to) replicate each room but to really use the decorators ideas as a source of inspiration.

So here we go...Patricia Gray and her beautiful decorating style....

Patricia Gray

What attracts me to this stunning room is the contemporary art work and over sized mirror. I have noticed that Patricia users both these elements in most of her rooms...Love it and will definitely be using the same concept for my bedroom and perhaps the downstairs entrance hallway. The light coming into the room is just so beautiful and inviting.

There is something magical about this bedroom. It's the stunning blue lampshade bases (I cannot find anything like this in Melbourne) with the silver lampshades, the over sized mirror again and the contemporary art work on the wall. Combine all this with the dark wood....just lovely!

What is there not to love about this kitchen. The use of granite is sensational in this picture.

Patricia Gray

Finally, a picture of a dinning room...the table almost exactly like mine. In this picture, once again, the big mirror, classic and contemporary fittings working together. Even the crystal vase with the big white flowers....sigh!

The next decorator is Nathan Thomas who was the winner of Top Design (I love my decorating Shows)
Once again, when I analysis why I like these rooms so much, it is the combination of classic and modern ideas combined.

Nathan Thomas

Beautiful wallpaper, antique desk with contemporary objects beautifully grouped together. I still cant work out how to group things effectively in a space but that will be for another post!

Its the Art Work I LOve!

I saw how he did it on the show and thought...I can do that! This will be my upcoming to come only if it works haha


When I saw how he grouped the pictures together, I was blown away by how good it looked. This potentially could have been a disaster but because he has a great eye for design, he has collected a group of fairly 'daggy', old fashioned portraits in frames that have seen better days and created a wall of art that won him the title of Top Designer! The judges loved what he did with this wall and I cant believe how it works so well. This is my inspiration for future projects I have in mind.

Hope you enjoyed reading about what inspires me....many more rooms to come...

Mrs B


Kek said...

I love some of those rooms....I'm struggling with the "bringing it all together" thing myself. I have ideas for different rooms, but I'm just not sure how to unify them, make it flow...

I think I need to bring in my workmate, who's an interior decorator. :o)

Love the big mirrors - I'm getting one for my dining area too. Just haven't found it yet.

The way I'm going, this decorating lark will take me ten years.

DesignTies said...

I love Patricia Gray's style :-) If you haven't checked out her web site, you should -- you'll get lots of inspiration from the rooms she's designed.

Hurry up and get decorating so we can see some pictures!! :-)


Annie said...

Oh and how lovely are some of those pics. I am particularly in love with the blue bedroom and the dining room. I'm with kek, I'm going to try to go with something like this for our dining. The thing is we have it in a dining/living arrangement, so that will be interesting to say the least! Keep up the pics Mrs B, they inspire all of us too!!! haha, Annie

White Dove said...

Mrs B.... Just getting back to one of your blogs about the stark white wall section near the stairs which you said had to go. Have you considered some Florence Broadhurst wallpaper for that small area? Some of her patterns are quite dramatic & the thing about wallpaper is that it can be changed as often as your mood.

~ Patricia Gray ~ said...

Hi Mrs B
Thanks for posting pictures of my designs. I am so glad that they have inspired you.
Kind Regards

Robert Petril said...

What an amazingly beautiful home!

Petal said...

Hi Mrs B!!! :-)

Just magnificent - your house is soooo beautiful, can't wait to see how you've made it yours with all of your lovely touches! I'm so thrilled that you're enjoying living there so much, already.

donuts said...

Hi Mrs B, hope all is well and you are enjoying your new home. Love the latest pics. Are the fireplaces in yet?

chat soon
donuts x

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