Saturday, April 25, 2009

Decorating a Modern Home...Finally

So here I am, two weeks living in our beautiful new home. I am finding that I am beginning to be very picky and fussy as to what objects and paintings actually come through the garage door! There have been some 'teething problems' but I am prepared to live with them a little longer just because I love living in the house. I will give you an example...

Our Fireplaces...The house was designed around having two fireplaces, yes I know a bit of a overkill but this was my thing! I love fireplaces and if I could, I would have one in every room. Downstairs is going to be one of those normal gas log fires but upstairs was going to be the 'special one' It is one of those white long pebble fires, not for warmth but purely for looks. Like my chandelier, I have always wanted one. Anyway, today was the day of the installation, no more empty holes to look at. 7am the guys arrived, within 15 secs they told us it was too hard to install because our fireplaces were an inferior brand (Australian made mind you!) and they cant install them. Also there are 2 steel beams right in the way of where the pipes are going both up and downstairs. Mr B rang our builder, he was at our house in 15 mins. The installation guys just went to their next job.
There is no point in getting all upset when these things happen...after all, we are in our beautiful new home and nothing is going to spoil that!

So...What are my decorating projects at the moment! My bedroom will definitely take a while to evolve. The pictures here are what we have at the moment, a bed, bedside tables that can stay or go and our beautiful antique Table. I have a simple white bedspread but will definitely dress up the bed with cushions and a blanket. I am looking for an oversized contemporary art work to hang on one of the walls and also some drapes to dress up the windows. here are some pictures of my bedroom and ensuite to give you an idea of the space I will be decorating.

Main Bedroom

I would like some sheers to frame this window...just to give the room a more completed/luxurious feel to it. We already just had blinds installed in this room.


My lovely SIL gave me this jar (its called something else but I have forgotten the correct name) as a house warming gift. I put my Grandma's shells into it...

Another view of the needs something else with a bit of height, maybe a vase with flowers?......

At the moment, everything is very sparse and I cant wait to get all my pictures, plates and vases into the house. Everything takes time and its amazing how my tastes are changing all the time. I really do only want things that are beautiful to look at or sentimental to be on display.
My next post will be a few inspiration pictures that have given me some great ideas!
Mrs B


Lee said...

Hi Mrs B, your bedroom is already looking very luxe and gorgeous, and your ensuite, well what can I say, it's heavenly!! It looks like you have already done so much in so short a time. Looking forward to your inspiration post. Lee :)

DesignTies said...

I LOVE your faucets!! They are SUPER-COOL!!!!

I know exactly the fireplace you're talking about, with the pebbles. Doesn't sound like the installers put much effort into making it work :-( Are you going to be able to have it installed by someone else??

Can't wait to see your inspiration pictures. I love everything you've done so far, so I'm sure the pictures are going to rock!!! :-)


Mrs B said...

Thanks Lee for your lovely comment!My bedroom has a long way to go before it feels like a proper room. I have seen the most beautiful photos of your house and love the way you group things together.
Hi Kelly! I have missed so much of your wonderful blog...your pictures are not downloading for me at all. Would you believe we now have a landline but has made no difference to the speed of my internet connection grrrrr
You are right, they made no effort to install our fireplaces because they worked for a competitor...why our builder rang them in the first place I dont know why! They are going in, hooray, beacause we are getting the guys from the place we bought them from to install. No problem at all, just use a L bend pipe instead (or something like that haha)
Mrs B

stormygirl said...

Oh Mrs B! Somehow I missed your post earlier, but how stunning is your home looking now! I LOVE the feel you have created in your bedroom, and your antique table is gorgeous! It looks so warm and inviting.

Your apothecary jar looks lovely with your Grandma's shells in it. I have four large jars, but have no idea what I want to put in them yet. I love them, and my Husband just rolls his eyes when I bring home another one! Ideally, I'd love the complete set of 'Mor' soaps (I'm sure you know the ones with gorgeous wrapping and a wax seal), but not at $20 each!! I'm sure one will end up in the lounge room too with 'something' in it!

I can't wait for your next inspirational post either, and good luck with the fireplace installation!

Mrs B said...

Hi Stormy
I do indeed have my eyes on those Mor Soaps at Myers as well!They are never on sale and to fill up a jar of them would be a dream of mi ne as well! Thank you for the correct name...apothecary jars! My inspiration picture post is coming, I just need to get onto Kelly's blog for one picture of her wall with all those gorgeous photos.
Mrs B

Anonymous said...

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Brillante Home Decor said...

Your bedroom and bathroom are already great but in a few months more they will look stunning. Good bones are there (as Patricia would say)and the rest will come. Take it slowly, it is the best way, adding one thing at a time and moving things around. Have fun and enjoy your gorgeous place.


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