Saturday, March 14, 2009

Small Update...

Side shot of my house with incomplete colour.

17 days to go before we move in. Do I think we are going to make it? No, simply because my builder will not rush any job and accept poor quality work. For example...the kitchen guys was there again (for about the 8th time) and he said he has taken away all my top panels. Apparently my builder didn't like the paint finish so he has told them to do it again. We still have all the plumbing to do which includes fireplaces, air conditioning etc, concreting and landscaping. But the biggest annoyance during this whole build is the half finish render on the outside. I told my supervisor this and he said it is always done last so it is not ruined by other work. I understand this but gees the house looks so incomplete, that's why I haven't taken any outside shots for my blog.
So what has been happening this week....The lights and we have so many of them. When our architect designed the house 2 years ago, I said to him that one of the features I would like are lights that can be set to create different moods in the house. In saying this, we have not got any fancy technology like a C-Bus system as this type of thing is just not in our budget. By lights I mean downlights and LED wall lights, set on different controls so that we can easily change the lighting in our house. We have these really nice wall niches at the entrance of our home and yesterday we saw them lit up for the first time. I nearly fainted at how nice they looked and the WOW factor they gave.
Also, I have been researching on how to take good interior shots. The fantastic group on my house forum have given me some great advise as well (not that I understand any of the technical jargon hehe) but I think its time to learn how to use my camera properly and stop being lazy! So hopefully the following pictures haven't got this sickly grey tinge like in the previous house shots.
Mrs B


Colour Me Happy said...

Thanks for the update! It's interesting to follow the progress. Is that the brown for the exterior on part of it?

DesignTies said...

Hey, you changed the look of your blog -- nice :-)

Is the house in your header exactly how your house is going to look in real life?? Because the picture you posted looks like the part on the back left of the house in the header pic. Is that narrow rectangular window the window in your bedroom above the bed??

I guess it's better to have everything done right than done fast... hang in there, it'll all be done soon!! :-)


Mrs B said...

Hi Maria
Yes,the colour is actually called pot black even though its a very deep chocolate colour. Its our main feature colour and our back fence will also be rendered this colour.
Hi Kelly
Yes the header is my house. Colours are slightly different but thats the way it should look. Well picked up that small rectangle window is above my bed in the bedroom!
Mrs B

Mrs B said...

Oh!....I also fogot to add that I did change the look of my blog slightly, trying to make my pages more crisper and other words...white background with colourful writing LOL
I also put in the Link widget (took the idea from you kelly) love it because I can also go back and see how far this blog has developed.
Mrs B


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