Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pictures...Lights, bathroom, kitchen and stairs

Here are some pictures that I took of my house. It is slowly coming together but so much work still to do. Lets see what happens this week.

Ensuite marble and basin

Ensuite...mirror still to be installed and taps of course.

Hallway with feature lighting

Feature lights...upstairs lounge room

Kitchen...still not finished!

View into kitchen and living area

Lounge room, you can see our chandelier hanging without the crystals...think we will wait until we move in.

Stairs and wall lights...this is the window I want to put a feature blind in. Make a real statement in the stair area.

Powder room with my white basin. We will be having a long vertical mirror here right up to the ceiling...something different.

I love my white marble, always wanted this look for as long as I can remember.


The best till feature wall niches at the entrance of the house. In real life they are just so beautiful.

Mrs B


Brillante Home Decor said...

Feature lighting and niches lights are my favourite.
You'll soon have a gorgeous house.
Thanks for following my Blog.

A-M said...

OMG Mrs B, my heart is beating faster. Your lighting is gorgeous and your marble!! I love your darling basins and all your beautiful feature tiles. What a beautiful project. You should be bursting with pride. Don't worry, I have been assured that it all comes together so quickly in the end. We, theoretically have until April 13th to finish but I am waiting on the written extension request any day now, to arrive in my mailbox. They're lying low and keeping quiet. Hmmm! We still have the whole interior fit out to do in that short time! .... only a miracle....A-M xx

Michelle Stokes said...

Nice photos Mrs B!

Kek said...

Mrs B, it's looking fantastic. So close to finished, I can understand how impatient you must be getting.

Try to look on it as a good thing that your builder is so fussy - I just hope everything comes together in time for you to move in as planned.

DesignTies said...

In photo-life your niches are beautiful... in fact, eveything is looking fantastic!! I really want to visit soon ;-)

Thanks for strolling through the Vancouver neighbourhood I showcased today! You asked if the houses were protected - yes, they're each classifed as "Heritage Houses" and plaques are posted on each (take another look at the post and you'll see the square plaques with blue upside-down triangles on them) - some have them on their front gate or hedge, others have them on their porches (and would be less visable in the photos). It's great that they're classified, but it also means that they must adhere to some strict guidelines when it comes to paint colours (must chose from a heritage collection) and changes to the house (even changing a vent on the roof would mean approval from the Heritage Society). But it's worth it!!

It's funny you mention about unprotected houses... the movement to classify special houses is relatively new here - maybe about 20 to 30 years?? Anyway... just across the street from these houses are 1950s apartment blocks... so a whole lot of special houses would have been torn down during a time when their uniqueness and connection with our history wasn't acknowledged. Where I live here in New Westminster (a neighbouring city to Vancouver[several cities all squished up to make the Lower Mainland]) - and an older city then Vancouver - we've suffered much of the same - beautiful Victorians, Queen Annes, Edwardians and Craftsmans torn down for ugly houses and apartment buildings. :-( Fortunately we still have lots of fantastic houses... a post or two in the making!

Hope that answers your questions!
Victoria from EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

Lee said...

Okay, I am officially in love with the white marble! It's stunning - as is the niche lighting in the entrance. With every progress post, you can see your beautiful home inching closer and closer to completion.

kexkez said...

Such a mind tease watching your home come together.

That top photo is beautifully taken. The warm, round curve of the basin balances the smooth, coolness of the marble.

Like the little blue hallights too. :)

DesignTies said...

I absolutely adore EVERYTHING!!!! I can't wait to see it all done... espeically looking forward to seeing the red glass backsplash in the kitchen.

Speaking of which -- your kitchen/family room are is fantastic!!!! LOVE all those windows!!! And the view out the widows looks great too :-) And love all your lighting, especially the lighting in the niches in the entry. What a way to welcome friends to your home!! :-)


Meade Design Group said...

The house is sapping really nice. I love your sense of style. I can tell that you spend lots of time choosing all the elements. Everything seems to be in concert. I can wait to see the final product... in an interior design magazine :)

Michelle said...

I love the wood vanity and the vessel sink in the bath...and all of it! How exciting!

Colour Me Happy said...

Mrs B.
Wow, stunning lighting you have installed! I love watching the progress of your fabulous home!

Brillante Home Decor said...

My Link works...Thanks!

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