Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have you ever seen something years ago....

This light has been in my mind ever since I saw it used in a TV show called Designer Guys. I loved it back then and have always wanted it in my own home. But, fashions come and go and I put this light into the category of maybe one day.....Well today I saw it in a beautiful homewares shop in Melbourne called Domayne. The light was used in a bedroom setting. I kept going back to the room, contemplating if the long shape would suit a bedroom as I had only seen it used over a dinning room table. So tonight I am going to ponder whether this is the light I have been searching for my bedroom.
Another decision I had to make on the weekend was lights above my bed. I choose lights like the ones in the picture, the light only shines up so doesn't compete against my bedroom table lights. It actually took me a while to work out what would be best for the space but I think I have made the right choice. So many decisions to make when building a house!

This picture is here just because I love the mood the lighting has created. Similar to what I selected for our high ceilings upstairs.
Mrs B


DesignTies said...

I LOVE that chandelier too. And YES, for sure you can use it in a bedroom!! Sarah Richardson (a Canadian designer) used one just like it in a bedroom that she designed on her program, Sarah's House. In fact, I used the bed in the bedroom as inspiration for the bed that my hubby and I built for our bedroom :-) You can see a picture of the bedroom with the chandelier on our blog:

And on Sarah's web site (scroll through the slide show -- it's around slide #8):

You can also watch the video for this episode on her web site, if you'd like to see more of the room. It's the master bedroom from Season 1.

So I say YES, go for the chandelier!!

Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

A-M said...

Oh the chandelier would be absolutely perfect for a bedroom. Your lighting plans sound so exciting. I kept mine pretty basic as 40% have to be fluoro to meet the energy efficiency code. I do have some stunning pendants for the living level though, after a year long search. Bedrooms will be a bit boring with the fluoros... will have to tizzy everything up with lamps! Hope you are not affected by the fires.... I can't believe what I am seeing on the news. A-M xx

Mrs B said...

Hi A-M thank you for your thoughts.... we are safe from the fires but I think my children are becoming frightened by watching all the graphic images on TV (needless to say we are now not watching any news on the TV...just too sad)

I did not report it in my blog but a few weeks ago, our neighbours house caught on fire, by a smouldering cigarette, and within 10 mins the house was gone, just like that. We thought it was ours when we first saw the smoke and watching the brand new house burn, words cannot describe how my heart sanked for the owners. My DS2 was so upset he hid in the car. Now seeing the news, he is a very scared little boy and wont even go on his much beloved camp next week (mind you, its in the bush near a very dry national park)I told him he dosent have to go...did I do the right thing, not sure but there is such a high fire danger in Victoria at the moment, I dont think its worth the risk.Also it didnt help when DS1 school's camp is in the line of fire atm and over 100 kids were suppose to be there this week.
Mrs B

Mrs B said...

Hi Kelly
On a much happier note, we are going ahead with the chandelier...YEH! I am going to have it in the dinning room where I have always imagined it to be. We had already bought a big beautiful lighting fixture for this room but I convinced Mr B to have my new light fixture instead (what an understanding husband LOL) I loved reading the story on the links you gave me, Sarah's House. She is a beautiful designer... actually, most of your designers in Canada from the shows we get in Australia are fantastic.
Thankyou so much for all those links and gave me confidence to go ahead with the light (although my wallet is much, much lighter now!)
Mrs B

Susan said...

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Annie said...

darling, I just love that chandelier! AND might I add, I used to be a Designer Guys addict, their website still functions showing a lot of archive episodes info. I preferred the previous 2 DG's, not the current 3! But, hey, they ain't showing any on Foxtel at the moment... bumma. So how amazing is it that you remember the light fitting from one of their eps! How much was it (in Domayne???) high $$$ I'm sure if it was there! Annie

Lee said...

Wow that chandelier is amazing! It would look gorgeous in your bedroom (I personally think they look gorgeous in any room!!!).

Also, I hope you don't mind but I have tagged your for a 'show us your blogging space' game. I do hope you'll play along.

DesignTies said...

I'm so happy you decided to buy the chandelier -- you won't regret it, even with your lighter wallet!! It's really beautiful :-) And YAY to Mr B for agreeing to it :-)

It'll look just as good in your dining room as it would have looked in your bedroom. And being in your DR, more people will be able to see it and enjoy it -- I'm assuming you do more entertaining in the DR than in the bedroom?? ;-)

We have a lot of great designers on TV in Canada -- Sarah Richardon, Candice Olson, Peter Fallico, the Designer Guys (the original duo and the new threesome) just to name a few....

I recently discovered another wonderful Canadian designer named Patricia Gray. My blog partner Vickie had heard of her, and when we started our blog, we discovered that she has a blog too :-) Here's her URL:

About the fires.... you made the right decision to not send your son to camp. True, we do need to face our fears and do things that scare us. But in this case, keeping him safe at home with you is the best thing to do.

I hope they get the fires put out soon.... stay safe Mrs B, and everyone else in the danger zone.



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