Friday, February 20, 2009

Bar, Laundry and Wardrobes...

The bar area

This is now the bar! I feel it has all come together and now complete. The top cabinets just make it look so much better and once again, I was seeing things half completed. The bar is upstairs as originally it was going to be like a second kitchen. I suppose it is in a way as there is a small oven going in, a round sink and a bar fridge. The back splash will be glass in Antique White USA (same colour as our walls) I am having a green couch in this area with gold and purple cushions! Don't worry everybody, the colours work really well together or they did in the shop LOL
I am also going to buy a big red vase of some description to tie in the red in the lounge area.


These are all the colours that need to work in the same room. Lucky I have white walls. I must also find a piece of art work that will tie all the colours together....Well I hope it will work!

The Laundry

A bad picture, but this is our laundry, I actually really love this room. So open with a lot of cupboard space. Our green doors are on now but still waiting for the wood doors below to be installed. The washing machine and dryer are on the other side.


Here are the wardrobes completed. They look really nice but now we are both concerned that the kids wont look after the doors but it is something we have to teach them. I already except the fact the doors are going to be knocked around but it is just part of family day life. The builder is putting in a lot of safety stoppers and the like to protect the doors. This doesn't worry me at all, this house is a family home and it is going to take knocks and scratches for many years to come.

Well that is all the pics for now. Still waiting for this kitchen to be finished, house cleaned and the plumbing to be completed before I can take some really nice pictures. Also, thankyou for all the thoughtful, nice and encouraging comments that people have made. I love reading them every day and if there is a particular part of the house you would like to see, let me know and I will try and take a picture for you. At the moment it is such a mess so that's why there has been no shots of entire rooms, just the clean bits!
Mrs B


Lee said...

I love the way you have selectively used colour in your cabinetry to add the 'wow' factor to your home. Lee :)

stormygirl said...

Absolutely fantastic Mrs B! I would love to see pics of all of it! I'm not concerned at all that there is mess everywhere..that's how a building site is supposed to look! Just look at all my messy pics! ;-)

I'm in love with your wardrobes!!!

Kek said...

Love it - and the wardrobes are FAB! Sadly, that's one thing that has to wait in our house - getting the basic wardrobe spaces fitted out. :o(

The bar looks fantastic - can't wait to see all those colours together.

DesignTies said...

I love that you're injecting such vibrant colours throughout your house -- especially purple!! :-) The colours that you do use will have wonderful impact against the white walls.

I also love your attitude towards your home -- it's the place where your family is going to LIVE, and all the scratches and dents and dings that happen over time are just part of living. Look at them as adding character to your home :-) That's what I do with all the scratches from doggie paws in our hardwood!!

Once again, love everything in the pictures that you posted today :-) Looking forward to seeing more, messy or not!!


Colour Me Happy said...

Love the idea of buying a red vase to tie in with your cabinetry! It's gorgeous what you are doing!

michelle said...

I adore this modern millwork! Great job!

Did you design your header? It's wonderful; what program did you use?

Great Post, thanks for giving us a peek!

Mrs B said...

Thankyou Lee, stormy, Kek , Kelly ,Michelle and Maria (Colour Me Happy) for all your beautiful, supportive comments! Believe me, it does help us get through the frustrating times of my housebuild. If it wasnt for this blog then I wouldnt be talking to anybody about the house.

Hi Michelle
The Header is actually a 3D picture that my architect designed for me. I'm glad he did because initially I couldnt visualise the house at all so he offered to show us how its going to look like. Very nifty little program he has but no idea what it is called.

Mrs B

DesignTies said...

I'm in love with your wardrobe organizers, Mrs. B!!

So Mrs. B... Kelly and I are participating in a "6 Things about Me" game. We've writen about ourselves, and now it's time for you - we hope! - to do the same.

We're avid readers of your blog and we'd like to learn more about you. You've been TAGGED!!!

Please wirte 6 interesting things about yourself, tag 6 more people, and then let them know they have been tagged.

Let's keep this circle going!

Victoria & Kelly

A-M said...

Mrs B, can you send me your email address to: A-M xx


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