Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Farm House

This is my father's farm and the view is from the balcony of a small kit home we built a three years ago. The trees you see here are a few hundred years old, the whole area has a lot of aboriginal and gold mining history attached to it. The land is littered with old gold mines that have long since been flooded by water but the old stone fences still exist from early settler days.
Another view from the balcony, sometimes the horses and cattle come right up to our back porch.

This is a picture of our little kit Home we built through Swenrick Homes. Still needs to be finished off by Mr B but I think it will be one of those ongoing projects hehe

The inside, one big room, 4 bedrooms and a bathroom with a separate toilet. The floors Mr B laid himself and he also did the tiling in the wet areas. When you buy a kit home, often you can select what stage you want the building company to be responsible for. We got everything done except for flooring, painting, heating/cooling and the veranda.

This is the kitchen and even though it is laminex, I love the different colours I selected and the tiles, they were from Roger Sellers (Richmond) definitely money worth spending.

Main room, the wood heater is a must in the country as it heats up the whole house. I also love my chandelier that I picked. As the ceiling is a cathedral style, the lighting suits it perfectly. Actually, it was the ceiling that sold us the house, gives the room such a feeling of spaciousness. The blue couches I know don't really fit into my colour scheme hehe but they are the most comfortable you will ever sit in. Comfort before beauty in this case (also bought them off my friend for an excellent price so who cares if they don't really suit a country interior)

Looking back into the kitchen....

Our pretty guestroom ...

Our bedroom...

There is still so much work to do , particularly on the outside. Unfortunately, because we have cattle who are not house trained, any plant, tree we have tried to grow has been eaten by them...grrrrrr. They walk through fences! When I go up next time, I will take pictures of the creek and other interesting buildings around the area that date back to the mid 1800's
Mrs B

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